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It is no secret that the whole country wants the president, the prime minister and the cabinet to resign. Before any resignation, rush 21A to bring back 19A with modifications. If changes are late, skip 19A for now. All deputies must think about the future of our country and must not split hairs when they modify the Constitution, according to their agendas. All modifications must be suitable for the country. Since Mahinda is also okay with bringing 19A back, the 150 votes won’t be difficult.

The President, Prime Minister and Cabinet are to resign after the Constitution is amended. Bring in Karu Jayasuriya from the national list and name him president. I am sure Harin will pave the way by stepping down from his seat for Karu to enter parliament. Now appoint a prime minister by majority vote. Since the people cried out for Mahinda and Gotabhaya to step down, Mahinda cannot run for prime minister.

Appoint a Cabinet among all parties. This Cabinet will be composed of 15 Ministers and 15 Deputies only. Those appointed to the Cabinet must have professional expertise and/or qualifications to deal with the assigned ministry. No Ministers of State. Appoint 15 committees, each committee consisting of five members, from among members of the public who have achieved eminence, in their respective fields, to cover finance, engineering, public administration, health and others. We also have many retired public servants who can participate in these committees. Each of these committees can advise the cabinet ministers assigned to it. Ministers will not have personal advisers and this must be permanently removed.

All parliamentarians must agree not to receive their salaries, benefits and all allowances for one year or until elections are held. People also expect parliamentarians to show solidarity. Committee members will be compensated for the sacrifices they make in carrying out these duties.

Each minister, within two weeks of taking office, must table a plan on how the various agencies, attached to the ministry, can operate profitably. Committees can help them with expertise in the preparation of plans/reports.

BC Governor Dr Nandalal Weerasinghe hopes to show interim results to the IMF within three months and if the above proposal, with modifications if necessary, is followed, it will be a huge boost for the Central Bank and the new Minister of Finance to support our cause. for the IMF bailout earlier.

The public too must understand that the cost of living cannot be brought down quickly and that it will take at least more than six months to bring the cost of living down slowly. Finally, before the next elections, new salaries for MPs must be published. Benefits, allowances for sittings, payment for electric water, fuel allowances, car licenses, etc., should be removed. This will warn those wishing to stand in future elections that Parliament is not a place to make money.

People are watching and we can see how patriotic our MPs are when the issue of wages with the new changes is tabled in Parliament for a vote. Those who vote against can be identified and voters can avoid sending them to Parliament

Hemal Perera

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