What is an assisted loan? Focus on the social accession loan

The assisted loan has many advantages for the borrower. Today there are four different types of assisted loans:

  • the social accession loan (also known by the abbreviation PAS);
  • the loan under agreement (known to him under the abbreviation PC);
  • the 0% loan granted by the Ministry of Housing (better known by the acronym PTZ);
  • the 1% housing loan.

The assisted loan can be a solution to finance part of your mortgage

Let us focus for the moment on the Social Accession Loan, and see the conditions necessary to obtain it as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Social accession loan (PAS)

Social accession loan (PAS)

The social accession loan is possible depending on the situation in which the borrower finds himself. So do not hesitate to call on your Lite Lender broker, mortgage expert, to define whether or not it is possible for you to obtain a social housing loan.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Purchase of new or old real estate, with or without work;
  • The undertaking of improvement works in a property having more than 10 years;
  • The undertaking of works whose objective is to reduce energy expenditure (this concerning specific housing, already existing on 01/07/1981);
  • The accommodation must be, in all cases, the main residence.

This principal residence must be that of the borrower or his ascendants, descendants or spouses. But it goes even further, because it can also include the ascendants and descendants of the borrower’s spouse.

Only certain additional costs covered

Only certain additional costs covered

This loan has the possibility of covering 100% of the operation, including real estate agency fees as well as expert fees (which are mandatory for all goods over 20 years old). On the other hand, the mortgage guarantee costs will be reduced and the borrower will not pay more than $ 500 in application fees. On the other hand, the social accession loan does not finance the notary fees.


  1. Check that you are due on an assisted loan
  2. To benefit from the social accession loan you must respect certain conditions
  3. The social accession loan will allow you to cover certain additional costs