Website launched in Kenya to provide sexual and reproductive health information

Young people in Kenya can now access information about their sexual and reproductive health after the Ministry of Health launched a platform designed to provide them with information easily and credibly.

The platform, called Lifeyangu.comwas inaugurated today by Dr. George Rae is the Acting CEC for Health, Kisumu County, in collaboration with a consortium of local and international organizations led by Deutsche Stiftung Welbevölkerung (DSW) and Bayer East Africa.

Life Yangu will provide information to Kenyans aged 18-24, enabling them to easily access sexual and reproductive health services by mapping nearby health facilities and providing a safe environment for young people to share information. So far, 106 public clinics have been assigned to the first phase of the project.

The idea for the platform grew out of the challenge of accessing credible reproductive health specialists and information online in Kenya and the growing need to provide young people with this knowledge. Some key information young people can now access are nearby reproductive health facilities and contraceptive options, among others.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. George Rae is the Acting CEC for Kisumu County Health, said the ministry was pleased to have this public-private partnership, bringing together like-minded organizations to come up with effective solutions that change the lives of Kenyans.

“It is impressive that this platform,, developed by DSW and Bayer, has come at the right time, where all of these factors – the need for appropriate reproductive health services and access to technology – intersect” , said Dr. Rae.

“We are in the digital age and as such there is a need to ensure that young people can access online tools to move their lives forward. The government has put in place a series of measures to create an enabling environment for innovation which will have a positive impact on all Kenyans, including the youth. In 2019, at the International Conference on Population and Development, Nairobi Summit, HE President Uhuru Kenyatta pledged to use innovation, communication and technology to ensure adolescents and young people reach the standards highest levels of health,” added Dr. Rae.

On her part, Evelyn Samba, Country Director of DSW Kenya, confirmed that one of the reasons they chose to go the online route was that young Kenyans are much more comfortable searching for information online. line than to go to physical facilities.

“It is in this context that we wanted a digital solution that was simple, accessible and easy to find; a platform that aims to reduce pressure points for young people when seeking information about their reproductive health and a space where they find accurate and appropriate information and where their questions and concerns are kept private – and will not be exposed stigma and suspicion by peers and parents/guardians,” said MS Samba.

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