Tickets? Vaccination card? Covid test? Here are the sanitary guidelines for the Sundance Film Festival

Sundance officials met with the Summit County Health Council on Monday evening to discuss health guidelines for their upcoming hybrid film festival. Last year the festival was held virtually due to the pandemic, but with vaccines now widely available, there will be an in-person component.

All participants will need to present proof of vaccination. The festival will take place from January 20 to 30.

Sundance officials have said they have a set of strict policies to keep the Park City community, artists and moviegoers safe.

Gina Duncan, production manager at the Sundance Institute, said they are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation with the new variant.

“As we have all experienced during the pandemic, things can change,” Duncan said. “As such, we are ready to adapt our health and safety protocols to reflect the latest guidelines.”

She said that as a precaution this year they have limited the number of theaters they use to ensure health and safety protocols are properly followed.

Vaccines & Masks

Duncan said there would be no exceptions to the vaccination mandate. She said they would only accept vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.

Sundance will work with a third-party international verification partner to ensure these standards are met.

Duncan said participants can download their immunization card from the third-party app. After verification, they will receive a QR code upon arrival at the festival.

A member of the Board of Health expressed concern about the difficulty of applying these guidelines.

Duncan said they plan to train their employees in de-escalation tactics to make sure festival-goers comply with the rules. She also said that they also had a good relationship with the local police department.

“We also have a community agreement that we ask everyone to sign. ” she said. “So by participating in the festival, you also accept the protocols that we have put in place and the expectations. “

Masks will also be required to attend shows and events, and there will be testing on site. It will be incorporated into the staff and volunteer registration process every 48 hours. Likewise, artists and media will also be required to test 48 hours before an event or screening.

Once at the festival, participants will receive a bracelet showing that they have been vaccinated. Duncan said they will not be removable or transferable.

Staff, volunteers and contractors who tested positive for COVID-19 during the festival, according to Ducan, will be required to self-quarantine for 10 days.

People who have had confirmed exposure are required to self-quarantine for five days.

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