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Papua people are very excited about PON in their region

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Mimika District Health Protocol Sub-Working Group Leader Asep Supriatna ensured that health protocols were strictly enforced during the XX Papua National Games (PON), especially on competition venues in Mimika, Papua.

Supriatna noted that her team carried out daily checks for the implementation of health protocols at the venues of aeromodelling, billiards, parachuting and athletics competitions.

“The people of Papua are very excited about the PON in their region. They are also delighted to receive face masks provided by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB),” Supriatna noted in a statement received here on Friday. .

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He said that from today, the Mimika District Health Protocol Working Group will distribute five thousand masks at four match sites and operate two mask cars around the paragliding site, with up to to four thousand masks to distribute.

Previously, health protocol volunteers had distributed 11,000 masks through the Mask Outlet and Mask Car Program on September 30, 2021.

BNPB had prepared at least three million masks during the Papua PON to meet the medical requirements of athletes, officials and residents of surrounding match venues. The masks will also be distributed via the Mask Car Program set up by the local BNPB.

The Mask Car program is specially designed to reach all match venues and surrounding residents. A total of 49,820 masks were distributed from September 26 to 30.

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Supriatna explained that almost all venues for sports competitions in Mimika district have hand washing facilities and remote benches for spectators, in addition to all venues requiring a 25% cap on the number. number of spectators allowed in relation to the total capacity.

The Health Protocol Working Group will continue to monitor and disseminate information to the community and push the XX Papua PON committee to complete unfinished infrastructure works, such as the availability of water, soap for children. hand and hand sanitizers at the sites.

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