Summary of health guidelines after today’s curfew in Sri Lanka


Colombo, October 1 (News1st) – The health ministry has released the health guidelines to be effective after the curfew is lifted from 4:00 am today (01).

People are only allowed to leave their homes for work, medical needs or to buy essential goods.

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From October 1 to 15, only 25 people can attend meetings, conferences and workshops while from October 16 to 31, this number can increase to a maximum of 50 people, which should represent 25% of the authorized capacity.

Festivities, parties, gatherings are not allowed.

From October 1 to 15, no dinner is allowed in restaurants, however, from October 16 to 31, only 30% of capacity or 50 customers can be accommodated.

Beauty salons and institutes are only allowed to operate by appointment.

Day care centers can remain open, while preschools can operate with 50% of student capacity.

Theaters will remain closed and only five people are allowed to be inside a gymnasium at any one time from October 1 to 15, and from October 16 to 31, that number may increase to 10 people.

Sports activities are prohibited from October 1 to 15, while the hiking trails may remain open.

Weddings can only take place 10 people for registration from October 1 to 15, and from October 16 to 31, this number can be limited to 50 people subject to 25% of the capacity.

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