Students return to UMD campus with new health guidelines


DULUTH, MN – Classes began in-person at the University of Minnesota-Duluth on Monday after students moved in last week.

According to UMD spokespersons, 88% of classes this semester begin in person. Over the past year, the majority of courses have been completely online or in a hybrid format.
Being back on campus is exciting for college students like Matt Kearney.

“I hope we stay in school, I hope we stay in person and that everyone will do whatever they need to do to help us stay in person,” he said.

Lynne Williams, director of marketing and public relations at UMD, said the school’s top priority is staying healthy and safe to maintain in-person learning this semester.

“I would say this semester is definitely closer to fall 2019 than fall 2020, so that’s a big step forward. We have a lot more sports going on this semester, unlike last fall where a lot was very minimal, ”said Williams.

To keep students on campus, the UMD requires masks indoors, regardless of immunization status. Additionally, the university has added the COVID-19 vaccine to its list of required vaccinations after FDA approval.

All students received an email prior to the start of the semester with a form they can fill out giving details of their vaccine, including the date the students were vaccinated and the vaccine they received. This form must be returned by October 8, 2021 so that students can continue to take classes on campus.

According to Williams, there is currently no process for verifying the information provided in the form.

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