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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The implementation of strict sanitary protocols is the key to the success of the XXth Papua National Sports Week (PON), said Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) Puan Maharani.

The safety of athletes, officials, committee members and the public against the threat of transmission of COVID-19 can be ensured through the strict implementation of health protocols, she added.

“Organizing PON in the midst of the pandemic is indeed a challenge for all of us. Implementing strict health protocols is one of the keys to success for PON so that it can function well,” she said. note.

She said she expected all infrastructure and facilities, including those related to healthcare, to be ready before the PON opening ceremony.

Currently, contingents from various regions have started arriving in Papua, she noted. Therefore, organizers must ensure that health protocols are properly implemented, she said.

Maharani also reiterated the importance of keeping the athletes healthy so that they can perform well during the match. She said it should be ensured that athletes and officials adhere to health protocols. Those who participate in matches involving a lot of physical contact should undergo COVID-19 testing, she advised.

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Quarantine rooms at each match venue should be prepared and optimized for participants and the public who are suspected of having been exposed to COVID-19, Maharani said.

“Provide a separate space for those who are suspected (of having been infected). Ensure that the treatment of patients is in accordance with procedures without compromising the factor of safety and comfort,” she added.

Maharani said organizers could work with local government and the COVID-19 Management Task Force to educate the public on adhering to health protocol, including wearing a mask.

She praised the measure taken by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), through the working group on the health protocol of the XXth National Sports Week (PON), to distribute masks at the airport. by Sentani.

She then called on the TNI and the police to continue to maintain security in Papua so that there are no security related issues throughout the implementation of the Papua PON.

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