State companies must apply strict health protocols when returning from Eid

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Public enterprises (EPs) involved in transport services must apply strict health protocols while guaranteeing the best services to travelers during the return period from Eid this year, the lawmaker of the city said. House of Representatives Amin Ak.

“State-owned companies that serve the public during the return period must apply strict health protocols at the departure hall, during the trip, at the rest area, as well as at ports and airports,” Amin noted in his statement here on Saturday.

The Commission VI legislator noted that health protocols are essential to prevent COVID-19 infection during the period of homecomings.

Amin also urged state-owned companies to abide by the BNPB’s General Circular No. 11 of 2022 which revoked the COVID-19 test certificate as a pre-requisite for travel.

“We must not overwhelm travelers,” Amin said.

The government should not restrict travel only to travelers who have received their booster dose of vaccine, as the application of health protocol is more essential, he said.

The government could also set up vaccine reminder points at several locations to meet the needs of travelers wishing to be vaccinated before continuing their journey during the return period, the lawmakers added.

“I urge the government to ask public companies in the transport and health sectors to prepare sufficient doses of vaccine to ensure that all travelers, who have not yet completed their vaccination, receive their vaccine,” said notice Amin.

Earlier, Spokesperson for Health Minister Siti Nadia Tarmizi said the booster shot is essential for travelers during the Eid 2022 return period to protect themselves from COVID-19 while traveling.

“Increasing public mobility means increasing the potential for COVID-19 infection. Therefore, a booster vaccine is essential to help reduce the severity of symptoms if we are infected with COVID-19,” Tarmizi noted.

Moreover, Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, in a press conference on Thursday March 31, said the ministry is ready to prepare vaccination points at airports, ports, railway stations and bus stations to respond. the needs of residents traveling during the return period.

The ministry will coordinate with relevant parties in the coming weeks, and a simulation will also be conducted to assess traveler catering readiness.

According to ministry data, some 79 million Indonesians are expected to return to their hometowns during the Eid return period, he added.

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