Spring public health boost and protocols for employees

Bill Brady, vice-chancellor and director of human resources, and John McCarthy, president and senior vice-chancellor for academic affairs, emailed faculty and staff earlier this week to announce that COVID-booster injections- 19 will be needed for all eligible faculty and staff.

Dear colleagues-

As the CDC now recommends COVID-19 vaccine boosters for anyone over 18, the university will require all eligible faculty and staff to receive a vaccine booster. With the expected continued emergence of new variants of COVID-19, full vaccination, including boosters, is the most effective protection against COVID-19. Your eligibility for a booster starts 6 months after your second Moderna or Pfizer injection or 2 months after your Johnson and Johnson injection. Religious or medical exemptions approved in the vaccination mandate will continue to be in effect. Employees are entitled to time off to receive their recall and are also entitled to time off due to the side effects of vaccination.

Recently, the Chancellor sent a message to the students informing them that they too will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This post, which is included below, outlines the health and safety protocols that students must follow for the spring semester, including required vaccine boosters, pre-semester testing protocols, and testing requirements. face cover. We are bringing this message to you because it is important that you have information on the steps the university continues to take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the campus community.

With the holiday season approaching, we also want to encourage all faculty and staff to visit the Center Campus Public Health Promotion Center for COVID-19 testing or use our practice, unobserved COVID-19 test program. December is a good time for indoor social and family gatherings, which can increase exposure to COVID-19. Regular testing, especially after possible exposure situations, is essential to mitigate community spread.

We thank you for all your hard work and dedication this semester and look forward to a successful Spring.

Bill Brady
Vice-Chancellor and Director of Human Resources

John mccarthy
Provost and First Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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