QFFD and QRCS provide health information management training to health professionals in northern Syria


The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) representative mission in Turkey organizes training workshops and provides technical support to those responsible for health information management in northern Syria.

This is part of the Northern Syria Health Information Collection, Analysis and Management System Improvement Project, implemented by QRCS with funding from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) as part of its Quest Health 2020 initiative.
Aiming to develop and modernize the health system in the north of the country, the project aims to ensure regular, accurate and realistic reporting that will help to monitor, assess and identify the main needs of the health sector, QRCS said in a statement. communicated.
The reports will be shared with all partners and stakeholders to improve medical services and create real indicators for the priority allocation of resources.
The training workshops focus on how to combine cumulative reports into full reports, as well as DHIS2 system monitoring.
The staff of the health departments are trained to extract and monitor data, identify data entry problems and have access to the respective forms to resolve them.
In coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), a program has been developed to detect and monitor the health conditions of Covid-19 patients.
Daily reports on these cases are taken from the overall number of patients, which are then classified (confirmed, suspected or in close contact) and placed under observation.
In addition, there will be reports on hospital bed occupancy rates, intensive care room occupancy rates and other regular reports needed to get the big picture of health.
These reports will be shared with the Covid-19 team, which consists of the WHO – Turkey office and other health organizations.
A new electronic form has been developed to track patient referrals between hospitals and health centers, in line with the requirements of the ambulance and referral team of health directorates in northern Syria.
This two-year program is part of the Vital Medical Support for Syrian Women and Children Project, as well as another program aimed at building the capacity of doctors and health professionals.
The governorates of northern Syria are overcrowded, with more than 4 million inhabitants and internally displaced persons.
They already have many health centers and hospitals, which are managed by different organizations.
It is therefore necessary to create a unified health information system as a pool so that all entries are organized in a meaningful way, the statement added.

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