Oppo watch and bracelet are currently syncing with iPhone to get health information from Apple


The Oppo Watch and Band would now be able to sync with iOS gadgets thanks to the new iOS app, giving iPhone and iPad customers another option over the Apple Watch for health information. The Oppo Watch launched in 2020, with some customers commenting on how the gadget looks like the Apple Watch. The gadget matches it positively, with features like a 1.91-inch curved AMOLED display, seamless rubber strap, 41mm / 46mm and eSIM versions.

Then the recently launched Oppo Band is much more of a fitness tracker, with a slim 1.1-inch display, 12-day battery life, and a range of health and fitness tracking features. physical condition.

The HeyTap Health iOS app is packed with Oppo smart wearable gadgets including the Oppo watch and bracelet. In addition to allowing the customer to customize the watch face and functions of the watch, it displays the health information of the watch including oxygen saturation, sleep quality, heart rate, and exercise. This information could then be remembered for your Apple Health app.

Originally announced by XDA developers, the app also allows watches to give notifications on iPhone. Until now, Oppo gadgets have been limited to Android connectivity, so this new iOS app is likely to satisfy those iPhone customers, and maybe add notoriety to Oppo smart gadgets.

The HeyTap Health app is now available on the Apple App Store. While the Oppo watch and bracelet are accessible in the UK and Australia (watch only), they are not officially accessible in the US.

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