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Best known for its omega-3 fish oils, Nordic Naturals is launching a new line to promote healthy skin under the name Nordic Beauty.

“Consumers understand the power of nature to support the health of their skin and look for carefully selected ingredients from brands they trust to deliver great results,”said Jackie Ullman, Nordic Naturals brand manager.

“We created this line in response to consumers’ desire for products that naturally nourish and condition the skin and consider them the first of many products in the Nordic Beauty line.”

The new line is available direct to consumers on the company’s website, as well as through some online retailers. National retail distribution expected in the fall, the company said.

Ullman told us that while the brand introduced marine collagen four years ago as a standalone skin health product, the additional new products mark an official foray into the beauty market.

The importance of categories is reinforced by the significant growth observed in the market.

“Collagen is a $ 600 million category, growing + 24% year-on-year in-store and + 63% year-on-year on Amazon.” Ullman said. Besides, “Beauty and Aging Supplements is a $ 5.7 million growing category and is up + 24% year-over-year in-store. “

To date, the range includes four products:

1. Nordic Beauty Collagen Peptides includes bioactive Type I and III collagen peptides from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows that can be added to hot or cold drinks. The 10.6-ounce jar retails for a suggested retail price of $ 37.95.

2. Nordic Beauty Marine Collagen is formulated with bioactive Type I collagen peptides from sustainably caught wild Arctic cod. The formulation also includes vitamin C from the acerola fruit to support normal collagen formation, while providing a smooth strawberry flavor with no fishy aftertaste. The product can be easily mixed with hot or cold water, or a favorite beverage. The 5.3-ounce jar retails for an MSRP of $ 39.95.

3. Nordic Beauty Borage Oil is a highly concentrated, non-GMO vegan oil made from borage seeds. The product is taken orally or can be mixed with a smoothie or other drinks and foods. A four-ounce bottle retails for a suggested retail price of $ 29.95.

4.Nordic Beauty Omega-3 + Borage Oil combines highly concentrated EPA + DHA from fish oil and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) from borage seed oil to provide comprehensive skin support. healthy and well-being for the whole body, the company said. A bottle of 60 soft gels (30 servings) retails for a suggested retail price of $ 59.95.

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