Missing pre-pandemic days? Follow health protocols – Ping

Presidential aspirant Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has urged Filipinos to be ever vigilant in adhering to health protocols to expedite the return to normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic .

Lacson, president and standard bearer of the Partido Reporma, posted a photo of one of his clan’s trips out of town on his official Facebook page, showing his children, grandchildren and extended family enjoying a photo of group in a mountainous region.

“If you miss that kind of family connection, we all have to follow the mandatory health protocols. And always remember – you should never skip quarantine just to attend a party or a public gathering,” he said.

Lacson noted recent incidents of returning Filipinos who left their quarantine facilities to join the celebrations during the festive season.

The three-term senator himself recently recovered from a bout with COVID-19, ultimately testing negative over the weekend after catching the disease from his son, Ronald Jay, on January 3.

He immediately isolated himself with his wife and the household staff, even without showing symptoms of the disease.

On January 14, Lacson posted an image of his negative COVID-19 antigen test on his official Twitter page, saying, “Glad to be back to normal. I can feel my antibodies looking for a fight.

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