Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Spots Awesome Details About Doc Ock’s Lab

After several playthroughs of the game, a fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man makes some awesome discoveries regarding Otto Octavius’ lab.

Despite the game’s release in 2018, some Marvel’s Spiderman fans are still encountering things they haven’t noticed. In fact, some Marvel’s Spiderman the details are hidden so well that players who have gone through the game many times only discover them now.

Previously, Marvel’s Spiderman fans spotted some incredibly cool stuff, like an easily missed conversation between Aunt May and Peter Parker. Other interesting finds have seen players stumble upon some amusing GM dialogue in the art gallery or spot Taskmaster staring at Spidey during his challenges. However, the most interesting discoveries are those that are mostly unknown, and a recent discovery by Reddit user Razkal719 falls into this category.


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Much like the Doc Ock photo mode detail, this discovery took place inside Otto’s lab. As mentioned in the post title, the Redditor completed the game an impressive number of times, with five runs on the original PS4 version and four more runs on the PS5 copy of the game. ‘they began to figure out the details of Doc Ock’s lab, the location originally being a vehicle repair shop.

In the clip, the Redditor points out a few roll-up garage doors as well as a car lift and service pit. Obviously, this is a repurposed building and is not meant to be a lab, further illustrating Otto’s situation. As stated in the history of Marvel’s Spiderman, funding for Otto’s prosthetic experiments is limited, forcing him to take out loans and work with shady organizations like A.I.M. Having him work in an auto repair shop rather than an actual lab is a good idea from Insomniac, as it adds to that part of the plot.

However, the neat aspect of the repurposed car workshop is that the exterior of the building matches the interior. The same doors Redditor pointed out inside the lab can be spotted outside the building, showcasing Insomniac’s attention to detail. The Redditor also points out that since Peter Parker enters from the top and the lab is on the first floor, he is changing his costume on the stairs. This makes perfect sense, as stepping out of the suit at the top of a flight of stairs is far less risky and makes it unlikely that Peter will be caught.

The post did well on Reddit, attracting over 3,500 upvotes and amusing comments referring to Peter’s boss as “Auto Octavius”. While learning that Peter is careful enough to change on stairs probably won’t affect how players view the game, these little details are still a lot of fun and show just how much Insomniac Games cares about. Spiderman.

Marvel’s Spiderman is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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