Indonesian diving industry health protocols

Safe COVID health protocols for the Indonesian diving industry

Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority BLUD UPTD Pengelalaan has created a manual on CLEANLINESS, HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY FOR THE DIVING INDUSTRY IN INDONESIA for “New Normal” scuba diving practices after COVID- 19.

Here is a summary of some of the main practices to be implemented to ensure compliance with international standards of cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability.

Health protocols for the Indonesian diving industry


  • Hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers are readily available and accessible
  • Infrared thermometers for temperature checks are provided and do not require direct physical contact
  • All staff wear PPE, including masks, face coverings and latex gloves
  • Frequently touched surfaces are properly disinfected at least 3 times a day
  • Cashless payment systems are in place throughout the complex
  • Information sessions on the prevention of risks related to COVID-19 are given to guests participating in any diving or leisure activity
  • The pool water is systematically disinfected and the pH levels are monitored and displayed
Health protocols for the Indonesian diving industry


  • Boat and dive crew, and guests must wear masks before and after diving
  • The boat and dive crew wash their hands with soap or use hand sanitizer and should wear clean latex or rubber gloves before touching diving equipment or when performing any guest services.
  • All diving equipment must be fully assembled before it is loaded onto the boat.
  • All divers must use defogger and it is forbidden to use saliva to defog their diving masks.
  • Divers must maintain a physical distance of at least one meter on the surface and comply with all guidelines issued by DAN
  • Dive teams and dive guides should follow recommended diving guidelines and safety protocols to reduce the risk of viral contamination, and should consistently implement these protocols.
  • All bottle filling facilities and infrastructure, storage rooms and the bottles themselves are regularly and properly cleaned and disinfected before and after use or at least 3 (three) times per day in accordance with DAN recommendations

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Health protocols for the Indonesian diving industry

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