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SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –, the flagship site of Healthline Media, overtook as the number one ranked health information site in the United States with 72.9 million unique monthly visitors, according to Comscore in January . At the root of this step is the fact that 92% of Americans want to be more responsible for their own health care, a trend that prompts internet users to seek out health information. The company has achieved this growth while generating record revenue and profitability at a time when other online media publications and properties are in decline.

“ is the most read online health website because we strive to provide expert advice in human terms,” said David Kopp, President and CEO of Healthline Media. “Consumers trust and its sister sites and because of the quality of information on a wide range of medical conditions and lifestyle situations. Healthline has more than 120 closely vetted editors and more than 100 physicians and clinicians reviewing and validating its articles, Kopp added.

“Healthline Media’s unmatched quality of medical reporting and lifestyle writing engages readers and delivers strong performance for advertisers,” Kopp added.

A year of strong momentum

The number one ranking follows a year of strong momentum for In addition to increasing the number of readers and subscribers, Healthline Media also:

  • Recorded more than 3.8 billion visits in 2019 according to Google Analytics data

  • Posted over 7,750 new articles, videos and other content written with empathy and the highest standards of conscious language, procurement and evidence-based medical excellence. Readers responded with hundreds of thousands of positive social media comments, user reviews, and direct company emails.

  • Added over 250 new brand advertisers

  • Recognized by Ad Age as “Best Place to Work” and “Best and Best Place to Work” by the National Association of Business Resources

  • Launch of Healthline Parenthood, a new online wellness publication for new parents

  • Launch or improve free apps for breast cancer, irritable bowel disease (IBD) and multiple sclerosis

  • Hired 117 new people for a total of 330

  • Was acquired by Red Ventures in July

Trend towards healthy personal care

The momentum of Healthline is that Americans are taking more control of their health. According to the Healthline study of 2,000 Americans, 89% say they pay more attention to their health and well-being than before and 79% have sought information online about a medical problem instead of seeing a doctor. or another health care provider. The trend towards self-health is most evident in Americans’ proactivity towards health-related activities, including:

  • 60% wash their hands often (Millennials are the worst handwashers at 55% while baby boomers are the best handwashers at 69%)

  • 57% try to reduce stress

  • 53% take vitamins

  • 49% don’t smoke, led by 58% of baby boomers who don’t smoke vs. 57% of millennials who do

  • 41% sleep at least 8 hours per night

  • 38% get the flu shot

The “eat well and exercise” plan is on the list of ways to stay healthy, just like going to the doctor every year and practicing positivity.

  • 48% go to the doctor for annual check-ups (64% of baby boomers; 41% of millennials)

  • 46% have a balanced diet

  • 45% exercise regularly (more than 3 days / week)

  • 43% practice a positive attitude in life (48% of baby boomers; 40% of millennials)

  • 35% admit to being proactive when it comes to health issues

Americans also believe they know what is best for themselves when it comes to health. Half (50%) think their doctors don’t always know what’s best for them, although Gen Z is more skeptical at 60% and Gen Y is more tolerant with 44% who don’t believe their doctors always know what’s best for them. Even though Americans listen to their doctors:

  • 86% adapt doctors’ advice to what they think is best for them

  • 83% are confident they can usually diagnose themselves through online research when showing symptoms of an illness

  • 49% listen to doctors’ advice and then do their own research to decide what to do

  • Only 26% exclusively follow the advice of doctors

“ is committed to making the world stronger and healthier,” Kopp added. “We care deeply about this vision and will continue to earn our new number one ranking for years to come.”

About Healthline Media

The mission of San Francisco-based Healthline Media is to empower people to be the strongest and healthiest themselves by being a trusted ally in their quest for health and wellness. The company is one of the world’s fastest growing health information brands with online properties, and Healthline Media sites provide evidence-based articles with the highest standards of medical integrity that support the modern healthcare consumer with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Healthline Media is the highest ranked health publisher and number 39 in Comscore’s Top 100 Properties as of January 2020. Across all of its properties, Healthline Media publishes articles written by over 120 writers and reviewed by over 100 doctors, clinicians, nutritionists and other experts. The company’s repository contains over 70,000 articles, each updated with the current protocol. More than 200 million people worldwide and 87 million people in the United States visit Healthline sites each month, according to data from Google Analytics and Comscore, respectively. Healthline Media is owned by Red Ventures.

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