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Warriors and Sharks are eager to see fans fill the stadium for the first time in over a year.

Armando Reynoso

Chase Center is ready for its first full year of attendance after construction.

The San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors are playing their first games at full capacity this season, which hasn’t happened in over 18 months. SAP Center is the home of the Sharks and Chase Center is the home of the Warriors. Both sites contain over 18,000 seats and each should be filled with fans.

Both sites will still follow COVID-19 protocols and have the same rules. Sites require proof of full vaccination prior to entry and the second dose of vaccine should be administered two weeks prior to the date of the event. Children 12 and older should be fully immunized while guests 11 and under do not need to be vaccinated, but if attending the Chase Center, children 11 and under must show proof of registration. ” a negative test 72 hours before the event. departure time. This does not apply to the Sap Center.

The arenas require a physical copy of a vaccination record or a digital copy on the Health Pass application ––– the latter being simpler for faster entry. On the app, you just need to put your credentials and a photo of your face. They will then give you a QR code which you will scan before entering and then you will be good to go.

Anyone attending an event should wear a mask at all times, unless you are eating or drinking. There are hand sanitizer stations at all sites, as well as social distance markers on the floor that you can follow for a safer experience.

Both sites encourage people to say that if they are not feeling well, it will be best to stay home to keep everyone safe.

The Chase and SAP center moved to a cashless environment, moving more towards card kiosks. They allow you to order your food yourself and pay yourself with the kiosks ––– or you can skip that and order your food on the mobile ordering app. Dealing with less money is also safer for employees, who would not have to continually touch random silver coins.

I went to the Chase Center and the SAP Center last week for two sporting events and everything that has been said about COVID-19 protocols has been applied.

At the SAP Center. I waited in one of the two queues to check the proof of my vaccination. One line was for your physical vaccination card and the other line was for if you downloaded the clear health card app.

After scanning the tickets on my phone and letting me in, I noticed the frequent appearance of the hand sanitizer stations and the masked employee. When I got to my seat some people had masks on and some didn’t.

When I went to the Chase Center, they also followed the same rules as the SAP Center when checking my vaccination card or if I had the app.

With new venues like the Chase Center there will be some learning curves as the season goes on, but overall it was a very safe environment.

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