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New Delhi: Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan virtually launched the Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) on Monday.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the brave, futuristic and relevant amalgamation of healthcare and technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan said: “This day will be written in gold letters as a day that marks a milestone in history. disease surveillance. We have started a new chapter in India’s Public Health Trajectory. India is the first country in the world to adopt such an advanced disease surveillance system. “

He pointed out that the new version of IHIP will house data entry and management for India’s disease surveillance program.

“In addition to tracking 33 diseases now compared to the previous 18 diseases, it will guarantee near real-time data in digital mode, after removing the paper-based mode of work,” said the Minister of Health.

Calling it the world’s largest online disease surveillance platform, he said it was aligned with the national digital health mission and fully compatible with other digital information systems currently in use in India.

The IHIP refined with automated data will greatly contribute to real-time data collection, aggregation and further analysis of data that will aid and enable evidence-based policy making, Vardhan explained.

The health minister said that IHIP will provide a health information system developed for real-time case-based information, integrated analyzes and advanced visualization capability.

“It will provide reports analyzed on mobile devices or other electronic devices. In addition, outbreak investigation activities can be initiated and monitored electronically. It can easily be integrated with other ongoing monitoring programs, while having the option of adding special monitoring modules.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said such an advanced digital platform to detect the first signs of the disease spreading in the country’s smallest villages and blocks would go a long way in nipping any epidemic or potential epidemic in the bud. He applauded the hard work and commitment of all the basic and frontline healthcare workers who worked throughout the past year during the Covid pandemic.

Calling this a “historic day” not only for India for global public health, Dr Roderico Ofrin, WHO Representative in India, said this sophisticated digital monitoring platform will help deliver and connect data and move towards a “One Health” approach.

He mentioned that the portal is an excellent resource for setting up timely health intervention measures; not only programming but also prioritization of diseases. He congratulated India for this timely development.

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