Guide to the Social Institute loan service online installment calculation. Here’s how to proceed

Simulation of Social Institute loans ex Government Agency

Simulation of Social Institute loans ex Government Agency

The former Government Agency loans represent a great opportunity for workers and public pensioners who need access to credit. These are in fact subsidized rate credit lines that allow access to even large amounts. Social Institute has recently introduced an Social Institute loan calculation service, which allows you to estimate the installment directly online. Let’s see how it works.

The Social Institute installment loan service is available for all users, even for those who do not have an Social Institute Pin code. To reach it, simply connect to the official Social Institute website, and follow the path: “Home – Services and Services – Public Employee Management: Simulation of Small Loans and Multi-year Loans Calculation”.

How to proceed

How to proceed

Thanks to the Social Institute loan installment calculation service, workers and civil servants have the opportunity to find their way among the various loan offers made available by the Social Institute Public Employees Management.

It is sufficient to enter the requested data in the appropriate form, after which the system proposes estimates of all the loans available to the applicant, based on the income received (small annual loan, small biennial loan, five-year multi-year loan, etc.).

Specifically for each loan the following are indicated: the maximum amount that can be financed, the amount of the monthly installment and the various expenses applied to the loan. Interest rates are fixed regardless of the duration of the loan and the maximum amount payable and are equal to: 3.5% for multi-year loans and 4.25% for small loans.

Calculation of the installment and amortization plan

The service offers the user three simulation modes : loan simulation, specific amount simulation and ideal installment simulation. The calculator is very simple to use: just enter the salary received (net of taxes) and the date of birth of the applicant in the appropriate form.

Using a simulation by ideal installment or by specific amount, it will also be necessary to indicate the monthly installment that is considered sustainable or, in the second case, the amount that is needed. In a few seconds the system will propose all the funding accessible to the proposed applicant profile.

Custom simulations

However, it should be remembered that the simulations carried out with the Social Institute calculator are to be considered only informative examples. Those who wish to carry out a personalized simulation must access the section dedicated to Public Employee Management of the Social Institute site with their Social Institute Pin and from there select the services for the citizen.

In this way, estimates of Social Institute ex Government Agency loans can be made, also taking into account the applicant’s social security and employment situation.

Loans for employees in 2017

Loans for employees in 2017

With the elimination of INPDAP, Social Institute has absorbed all its functions, including the provision of subsidized loans to employees of Poste Italiane and associated companies. Loans for which, just like products dedicated to public employees and pensioners, it is possible to carry out simulations online through the specific Social Institute loan service, calculation of the Ipost installment.

But first let’s take stock of Social Institute loans for Poste employees. The offer consists of two products, the small loans and multi-year Social Institute ex Ipost loans.

Small ex Ipost loans allow access to sums up to a maximum of eight average net monthly payments received by the applicant. The repayment plan can range from one to four years and the Taeg is fixed at 5%.

As far as long-term loans are concerned, instead, there are 5 or 10 year durations and the rate (Taeg) is 3.5%. They are granted exclusively to meet specific needs, as established in the relevant Regulations which can be consulted online, on the Social site.

The sum that can be financed is defined in the application. In any case, the loan is granted within the limits of the transferable portion of the applicant’s monthly salary, for a maximum amount of one thousand USD.

How to calculate the installment

How to calculate the installment

How to use the Social Institute loan service, Ipost installment calculation? To carry out a simulation of calculation of small loan or multi-year Social Institute ex Ipost loan, it is necessary to reach the appropriate service (path: Home – Services and Services – Demonstration loan calculation) and enter the gross amount of the applicant’s monthly salary in the calculation form. This will give you the maximum allowable amount.

Transferable portion of the pension

Finally, from June 2016, there is also a service dedicated to Social Institute pensioners, which allows you to calculate the transferable portion of the pension. Quota which, we remind you, corresponds to the maximum installment foreseen for the loans against the transfer of the fifth of the pension.

The calculation is made in compliance with the safeguarding of the minimum social security treatment established by law. The resulting transferable portion is considered net of social security and tax deductions. The service for calculating the transferable portion is aimed at all Social Institute pensioners.