Greek hoteliers demand revised Covid-19 health protocols due to climate change


In order to fall and change weather situation, Greek hoteliers ask the Ministry of Tourism to update Covid-19 health protocols and designate quarantine hotels to meet the demands of incoming tourists during the coming period.

In a letter to the Minister of Tourism Vasily Kikilias, the Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers (POX) and its president, Grigoris Tasios, ask:

  • that quarantine hotels be designated on time and distributed rationally according to the expected needs of each region in order to meet the needs of incoming tourists in the coming months
  • to allow conferences be held inside with a requirement for rapid testing and with limited capacity as is currently the case for cinemas
  • allow the opening of interior swimming pools
  • provide clear and consistent guidelines on how control / verification will be done for Covid-19 vaccination certificates or recovery documents (paper) provided by customers from non-EU countries.

Tasios said clarification was needed as there had been cases of travelers from non-EU countries that were unable to enter establishments only vaccinated despite the presentation of relevant documents.

Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers President Grigoris Tasios.

The president of the federation spoke of the “crucial contribution” of hotels to the success of Greece’s tourist opening, adding that clarifications were necessary for the proper functioning of the units in autumn and winter.

“It is extremely important that the excellent image [of Greece] to be maintained in the coming months. 12-month-old hotels are expected to start operations and similar operating conditions must be ensured for them as well, ”he said.

Tasios added that it was essential that changes and improvements to current health protocols be made taking into account the changing weather that will require access to indoor spaces.

“It is a question of survival for these companies which have been closed or almost closed for almost 18 months,” he said.

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