Government calls on people to always obey health protocols


TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe pandemic is not yet over. Most people are still aware of the pandemic so health protocol is still strictly followed. However, alongside the relaxation of public mobility restrictions (PPKM), the sanitary protocol in several areas are no longer so strict.

Everyone’s effort is needed to optimize health security, considering that the threat of a pandemic has not yet been ruled out. In recent weeks, behavior change data from the Covid-19 task force shows that the level of obedience of the health protocol is well maintained.

“The average mask use score has reached 8.25 over the past 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the average distance keeping and hand washing score is 8.02 over the same period,” said Sonny B. Harmadi, Behavior Change Leader for the Covid-19 task. Force on Sunday October 24.

However, data also shows from October 3 to October 22, the number of areas that do not maintain a sanitary protocol is increasing. “The decrease in obedience to health protocol is not only at the city level but also at the lower level,” says Sonny.

For example, on October 3, there are 8.13% of cities with a mask obedience level below 60%, and on October 22, the number of zones included in the red zone drops to 10.19 %. “If this continues, it will increase the potential for Covid-19 cases in Indonesia,” he says.

Strictly maintaining the sanitary protocol and absolute consistency is required amid the easing of public mobility, so there will be no third wave cases. “Whether cases have increased or decreased, people still have to maintain a strict health protocol. “

Minister of Information and Communication, Johnny G. Plate repeatedly reminds people to remain vigilant even when cases have declined. “The government always reminds us to maintain the protocol and to get vaccinated because we do not want another wave of Covid-19”, proclaims Johnny Sunday, October 24. He also asked regional chiefs to keep an eye on the maintenance. sanitary protocol in their field. “They must remain vigilant, keep people in the discipline of protocol and step up the vaccination program.”

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