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[Updated 24 March 2022]

Existing health protocols for COVID-19 cases are simplified so more can understand the rules and focus on the measures that matter.

These simplified measures will also allow Singapore to respond more quickly to changes in the pandemic situation, in the event of a new unknown variant.

Revised health protocols

As of January 6, 2022, our health protocols focus on managing COVID-19 cases based on the severity of their symptoms and individual risk factors.

Low-risk individuals with mild symptoms can now be immediately diagnosed by their treating physician via a rapid antigen test (ART) administered by a healthcare professional and recover safely under Protocol 2; while those assessed by their physicians as high-risk or with significant symptoms will be cared for under Protocol 1. These high-risk patients will also be assessed for placement in the Ministry of Health’s home recovery program (MOH), or for further management or monitoring in a healthcare setting. establishment.

Reduced maximum isolation period for fully vaccinated people and children under 12

As local studies have shown that the viral load of Omicron infections is lower than that of Delta infections throughout the infection period, the maximum isolation period for fully immunized persons and children under 12 years for protocols 1 and 2 from 10 days for 7 days. The maximum isolation period for unvaccinated persons aged 12 and over will remain at 14 days for protocols 1 and 2.

[Updated] Extension of Protocol 2 to pediatric COVID-19 patients

From March 25, 2022, patients aged 12 months to 2 years will be cared for by default under Protocol 2, either at home or under the supervision of their attending physician or pediatrician. For more information, see the latest press release from the Ministry of Health.

A summary of the default management of COVID-19 patients by age group can be found in the table below.

Age Vaccination status
Fully vaccinated* Not fully vaccinated*


Care facility

3 months to #

Home Recovery Program

1 year to #

Primary Care Physicians

70 years for

Primary Care Physicians

Home Recovery Program
80 years and over Home Recovery Program Care facility

*Individuals can check their vaccination status here.
#Children under 5 are not currently eligible for vaccinations in Singapore

A summary of the revised health protocols is as follows:

Protocol 1:

If you are sick

People at high risk or with severe significant symptoms

  • To undergo both the ART test and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
  • Those with severe symptoms: the doctor will take you to the hospital for further evaluation.
  • For the rest: the doctor will advise you to go home immediately and isolate yourself in a room while waiting for the result of your test.
    • If you test positive, the MOH will contact you during your recovery journey. If deemed appropriate, you may recover under the Department of Health’s Home Recovery Program. Otherwise, you will be transported to a medical facility.

People at low risk with mild symptoms:

  • Primary care physicians to administer ART health care.
  • If positive, refer to Protocol 2.

Protocol 2:

If you are well* and your test is positive, or if your condition is considered mild by a doctor

  • Self-isolate at home for at least 72 hours.
  • If all goes well, can exit self-isolation and return to normal activities if self-administered ART negative result.
  • Those who continue to test positive on ART should continue to self-isolate and self-test daily until:
    • they get a negative ART result; Where
    • until noon on Day 7 (for vaccinated people and children under 12) or Day 14 (for unvaccinated/partially vaccinated people aged 12 and over).
  • No medical certificate (MC) from a doctor if no symptoms. If the doctor has assessed that you have a mild condition, you will be issued an MC.
  • Return to the doctor or call 995 in an emergency if symptoms worsen or do not improve over time.

Protocol 3:

If you are identified by the Ministry of Health as a close contact of an infected person

  • To receive a 5-day health risk notice.
    • Do an ART self-test within 24 hours.
  • Need to self-test daily with ART. Only leave the house with a negative ART test.
  • No further testing is needed if the test is negative on day 5.

For more information, please refer here.

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