Following health protocols and staying safe this Thanksgiving is vitally important


The latest COVID-19 update ahead of the Thanksgiving long weekend provided very cautious optimism tempered by extreme concern that any gains made over the past two weeks could all be lost over this weekend .

The fact that Thanksgiving of 2020 triggered the second wave of the pandemic last fall has deeply concerned officials that Thanksgiving 2021 could be devastating for any tenuous progress made with the latest restrictions in place.

Premier Kenney said, “We are seeing positive signs and trends with the number of cases, positivity rates, transmission rate and new hospitalizations declining, this is good news, but it is still very early on, and these gains are very tentative, they could all be lost overnight this weekend.

Kenney went on to ask, “I beg Albertans not to read some recent encouraging data for a license to ignore the public health guidelines and restrictions in place.”

The restrictions mean that those who are not vaccinated and are at very high risk, are advised to stay in their own homes for the weekend.

For those who are vaccinated, they are asked to limit domestic gatherings indoors to two groups of no more than ten people. Although the risk of infection is much lower, it is not zero.

Outdoor gatherings have been reduced to a maximum of 20 people.

Dr. Hinshaw also went out of her way to highlight the importance of Albertans staying safe this long weekend. “Our choices matter and it is extremely important that we all make the safest choices this weekend. Please respect the rules in force. Go beyond them whenever you can. Let’s make our long weekend as small and socially distanced as possible. We can connect virtually wherever possible and externally if we meet in person. As disappointing and frustrating as it may be, this is the reality of our current situation. A reality we must all face – and fight – together. The virus spread is still high and our hospitals and healthcare workers are still under extreme pressure. Each of us has the power to make a difference and protect our communities. It was his plea.

After announcing government support for Alberta businesses with the Restriction Exemption Program, Minister Schweitzer also launched a plea saying, “There are so many small businesses and only Albertans jobs are at stake. We have to get through this 4th. wave. Please listen to the sanitary instructions. “

The COVID-19 figures from Thursday, October 7 saw 1,254 new cases reported in the past 24 hours with an 8.1% positivity rate.

Hospitalizations increased from 11 to 1,094.

Intensive care admissions increased from one case to a total of 248.

Over a 24-hour period, 13 additional deaths were reported, bringing the total in the province to 2,814.

The ages of those who died were between 55 and 91 years old. Dr Hinshaw says: “The vast majority of deaths we report every day are people who are not fully immunized. I would like to reiterate the importance of protecting both doses of vaccine.

Cochrane has 140 active cases of COVID-19 and Rocky View County has 147.

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