Follow all health guidelines, worshipers said

Lyna mohamed

While Muslim worshipers are delighted to be able to attend Friday prayers again once mosques, suraus and religious halls open to the public on November 19, they urge their congregations to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and remain cautious.

Suri Seri Begawan Mosque Youth Manager Raja Pengiran Anak Damit in Kampong Manggis Madang Haji Ismail bin Haji Mohamad said he was grateful for the reopenings, but also urged members of the congregation present at the prayers Friday and day to observe the SOPs.

He also reminded worshipers to book their slots as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Other protocols to follow include bringing ID cards, performing home ablutions, and checking that their BruHealth code is green or yellow.

Devotees attending prayers should also be fully immunized, wear face masks, bring prayer rugs, and practice social distancing, including avoiding speaking or shaking hands with other members of the congregation.

FROM THE LEFT: Ahmad Fadzillah; and Haji Isa. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

Once the prayers are over, they should vacate the premises immediately. Speaking to the Bulletin, Ahmad Fadzillah said that while everyone is happy to offer Friday prayers or daily prayers at the mosque, they should also pay attention to cleanliness when they visit.

“We will also have to follow the instructions of frontline soldiers deployed in mosques to ensure security,” he said.

Meanwhile, Haji Isa is grateful to Allah the Almighty for once again being able to perform Friday prayers in a mosque.

He urged his fellow worshipers to cooperate in adhering to the guidelines.

“As we look forward to visiting mosques starting this Friday, let us remember that we should always express our gratitude for being able to return to the house of Allah the Almighty,” adding that the Friday prayer is a time to pray together for Allah the Almighty to remove the deadly virus from the world.

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