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The following post with information on monitoring COVID-19 symptoms after the Thanksgiving break and where to get the COVID booster or flu shot on campus this week was sent to the Drexel community.


  • Watch for symptoms of COVID-19 after you return from Thanksgiving and follow safety protocols if you experience any.
  • Anyone over 18 is now eligible for a booster if 6 months after their last mRNA vaccine or two (2) months after a J&J vaccine.
  • International students who have received a WHO approved vaccine are eligible for a booster if six (6) months prior to their primary series.
  • Flu season has arrived and it’s not too late to get the flu shot!
  • Get your COVID booster and flu shot at special clinics scheduled this week.
  • Visit the Response to Coronavirus site for the most recent guidelines.

Dear Drexel students and colleagues,

We hope you had a safe and rewarding Thanksgiving break! We are grateful to all be together again this season, and we hope you felt surrounded and supported by the community, no matter where you were or what you chose to do.

The news cycle has been filled with information regarding a new viral variant named omicron. While it is too early to know if this new variant will impact any of our security protocols, there is no doubt that the news To had an impact on how many of us feel – tired of masking and weary of the impact on our relationships and our daily lives. We understand. But as we collectively head towards winter break, we remain encouraged that together we have achieved what was unthinkable just a year ago: college life during a pandemic. There can be uncertainties about omicron, but it’s more important than ever to continue with what we know: a layered strategy works. Vaccination including booster doses, indoor masking, attention to ventilation, testing and an effective contact tracing program to contain the infection keep us moving forward. This week we want to talk about reminders, the flu shot, and winter vacation planning.

Eligibility for recalls expanded, campus clinics December 1 and 2

Now is a good time to start planning a safer winter vacation against COVID. One of the most effective things you can do is get your booster shot well in advance. According to CDC Guidelines, all U.S. adults are now eligible to receive a reminder Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as long as it has been at least two months since an initial dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or six months or more since you received your second injection of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Additionally, all international students who have received a WHO-authorized vaccine outside of the United States are eligible for a booster six months after their initial round.

This week, Drexel is hosting free COVID-19 vaccine booster clinics for all students and employees of the Creese Student Center at Behrakis Grand Hall, as follows:

Wednesday, December 1, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.,

Thursday December 2, 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will be available at booster clinics. Please bring your vaccination card with you to the clinic along with your Drexel ID card. You can easily schedule your appointment for your booster dose here. You can now easily save your reminder using the Drexel Health Checker and download your latest immunization card.

The flu is here, the vaccine too

Recently, major campus flu epidemics have occurred among hundreds of students regionally and nationally. The flu can cause a high fever, muscle pain and a persistent cough. Vaccination can help prevent or lessen the symptoms of the flu. If you haven’t had your chance yet, it’s not too late! The flu shot is available at all Drexel COVID vaccination clinics for $ 35, reimbursable by most insurance companies. You can also get the flu shot through Student Health (call 215.220.4700) and area retail pharmacies.. The flu vaccine will be available at upcoming recall clinics.

Visit our immunization information page to learn more.

Pay attention to your return to campus

COVID-19 rates were rising in the Philadelphia area and some midwestern and northeastern states before Thanksgiving; it’s reasonable to anticipate a further increase in COVID exposures after the holiday gatherings.

Please to watch your health for the next week or two, and watch for any symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever / chills, cough, or headache. Symptoms may be less severe in people who have been vaccinated, so don’t dismiss even mild problems – record them on the Drexel Health Checker, isolate yourself (don’t come to work or class), and take a COVID test. If in doubt, test. To learn more, see our Public Health Guidelines and our What to do if you feel sick page.

Even if you haven’t traveled, as cases increase, it’s more important than ever to follow public health guidelines like wearing a mask to reduce your risk of exposure.

Looking forward to winter vacation

  • If possible, plan your vacation to avoid large crowds and to spend time indoors with unvaccinated and / or masked people; if such risks cannot be avoided, make sure your vaccines are up to date and wear a mask when possible.
  • Follow all public health guidelines while traveling, including wearing a mask.
  • Check the rules of your carrier (s) AND your destination before traveling. You may need proof of vaccination.
  • Talk to loved ones about COVID safety precautions in advance.
  • If you’ve traveled or seen loved ones on Thanksgiving, think about lessons you can apply for the next break. Did you feel safe at the gatherings? Are there any adjustments or limits you need to discuss for the next time? Travel hiccups to avoid?

Thank you for all you do to keep yourself and your fellow Dragons healthy. You are at the center of everything we do, your health and well-being. We carry on, engaged in science, together implementing what is feasible and taking care of each other.


Marla J. Gold, MD, FACP
Chief Wellness Officer and Senior Vice-President, Community Health

Janet Cruz, MD
Director, Student Health Services

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