Consumers Actively Seek Clinically Validated Immune Health Supplements, Says SPRIM

Consulting agency SPRIM Global has announced the results of a study examining the link between COVID-19 and changes in consumers’ dietary supplement purchasing behavior. The study, which surveyed more than 1,000 people in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, found that consumers prioritize scientific literature and clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of products when choosing dietary supplements for immune health.

The study also found that 61% of global consumers who purchased dietary supplements in the past 12 months started or increased their immune health supplement purchases during the pandemic. Fifty-seven percent of consumers also say they are concerned about their immunity due to the pandemic, and 83% say they take immune support supplements every day and buy more when they are low. When it comes to the specific supplements they buy, vitamin C is the primary immune health ingredient they seek out, with vitamin D coming in second due to studies showing the correlation between low levels of vitamin D and a higher risk of contracting a severe case of COVID-19.

“We are seeing a shift in consumer priorities,” said Susan Dallabrida, PhD, vice president of consulting at SPRIM Global. “Although the approval of health professionals can have an influence, American consumers strongly prefer to also see scientific evidence and clinical research that justifies the effectiveness of a product, allowing them to evaluate that product against its own merits. “

Samir Behl, management consultant and former regional president for Europe, India and Africa at Amway, supports Dallabrida’s claim. “This study underscores the importance of providing concrete evidence of the health benefits of supplements for consumers who are increasingly wary of questionable claims promising curative or prophylactic benefits,” Behl said. “For a supplement brand to be successful over the long term, it is essential that credible information is provided to consumers, as well as healthcare providers, in order to gain their support or approval. Scientific data using the correct testing protocol to support the efficacy of the product is essential in this regard. “

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