Compliance with health protocols is crucial despite low number of Covid-19 cases: working group


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta The Covid-19 On Wednesday, the task force addressed the drop in coronavirus case statistics that Indonesia recently recorded – less than 500 daily cases – which contrasts with the peak of what is considered the second wave which recorded 50 daily. 000 cases and 2000 deaths just a few months ago.

However, task force spokesperson Hery Trianto insisted that obedience to face mask mandates and the rising vaccination rate can be attributed to this positive news.

“Of course it is a great achievement, but we must not be contemptuous. The situation is still a pandemic and we must not let our guard down in the practice of health protocols,” Hery said in a statement. virtual discussion on November 10.

In addition to preventing viral transmission, Hery has rallied more people to take their share of Covid-19 vaccines as this not only prevents the spread of covid, but significantly reduces the risk of death from the virus that has been recorded. for the first time in Wuhan, China.

“We have to learn from other countries who have 80 percent vaccination but continues to record a high number of infections over 60,000, as well as daily deaths of over a thousand. This has happened in the United States and in Russia, ”he added.

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