Comelec recalls the bets: Respect the health protocols

BACOLOD CITY: With thousands of people simultaneously participating in kick-off rallies in the city of Bacolod on Saturday, March 26, the Electoral Commission (Comelec) of Negros Occidental reminded local candidates to follow the health protocols imposed by the Group of interagency work for the management of emerging countries. Infectious diseases at political rallies.

Attorney Robert Salazar, supervisor of provincial elections, told the Manila Times that all candidates and parties “should adhere to the minimum health standards and protocols prescribed by the IATF”.

Salazar pointed out that all of the political rallies even before the start of local campaigns in Negros Occidental and Bacolod City on March 25 “did not adhere to health protocols, especially with respect to physical distancing.”

“Candidates and their supporters wear masks at rallies. It is normal for them to take them off when communicating as it is difficult to speak and these are usually in open areas,” he said. declared.

Salazar said it was the candidates’ responsibility to set an example for their supporters to follow health protocols.

“They are required to present a certificate of compliance with health protocols,” he said.

He added that under new rules established by the electoral body’s resolution 10732, “Comelec’s campaign committee permit has been canceled for areas under alert levels 1 and 2”.

“Our monitoring actually depends on permissions. The public gatherings we have monitored are only those in the city of Bacolod. We have no idea how gatherings are organized in the various cities and municipalities of Negros Occidental” , said Salazar.

He said gatherings so far have been “serene and no government department has been disturbed”.

Meanwhile, lawyer Revo Sorbito, head of municipal elections, said the two kick-off rallies held in the city of Bacolod “did not meet the minimum standard of public health on either side, particularly in terms of social distancing and physical contact” between participants.

Sorbito also reiterated his earlier call for candidates to refrain from engaging in negative campaigning.

“Avoid negative campaigning as it will trickle down to supporters and may escalate tensions between the two sides. Fulfill their promise when signing the peace pact for peaceful and fair conduct of campaign activities,” he said. added.

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