CDC rolls out updated vacation health guidelines for upcoming season


Before you begin to determine who brings which sides to function, the CDC recommends assessing airflow and considering other non-contact ways to safely congregate.

First, the CDC says gathering outdoors is safer for many households than gathering indoors. But, if an indoor gathering is chosen, the agency recommends opening a window or getting a window fan to help circulate the air.

“You can use a window fan in one of the open windows to blow air out the window,” the CDC said. “It will bring in fresh air through the other open windows.”

Dr. Antoine Fauci says air ventilation “is the key” to making indoor gatherings safer.

“We now know that [COVID-19] clearly spread by aerosol, and when you have something that spread by aerosol, you absolutely want more ventilation, which is why the outside is always much safer than the inside “, a- he told CBS. Confront the nation. “And if you’re going to be indoors, ventilation will be key.”

The CDC also recommended maintain social distance as much as possible and get vaccinated. Unvaccinated people over two years of age should wear a mask especially in interior spaces.

Contactless or minimal contact events like the walking or driving festivities many of us attended last year during the lockdown are also on the agency’s list of vacation recommendations.

For all event hosts, the CDC recommends communicating pre-event expectations and behaviors so everyone is notified before the fun begins.

For guests, if you’re sick or showing symptoms, the CDC says: stay home.

For a full list of CDC vacation recommendations, please click here.

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