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After having been uninhabited for more than a decade since the death of its owner, Danville’s last orchard on the vacant Borel property may be on the way to becoming the home of a new subdivision which authorities say will also fund the vision of the late Armand Borel of an agricultural park on the property.

In September, San Ramon-based Trumark Homes filed a preliminary development application for a project that would consist of a 158-unit condominium development on just over 7 acres of the northern portion of the property, while working to restore and preserve approximately 10 acres as an agricultural park in line with the vision Borel left in his dying wishes for the property after his death in 2009.

The request remains at the preliminary stage, as no formal request has yet been filed with the city of Danville, according to Nicola Shihab, spokesperson for the city government.

The proposal comes after more than a decade of behind-the-scenes turmoil in the vacant Fostoria Way and Camino Ramon orchard in Danville, which is currently located as an anomaly, between Interstate 680 to the west, and in the middle of a range of shopping centers and housing developments that have sprung up over the years since the Borel property was just one of the many orchards in Danville and the surrounding area.

Upon his death in 2009, Borel left the remainder of his family’s property, just over 17 acres, to the East Bay Regional Park District, to be preserved as an agricultural park showcasing the history of the region and the importance of the property as a final operational walnut. farm in Danville.

“It’s a step that reminds us that parks are forever, and it’s a good thing because building a park can sometimes take forever,” said Kristina Kelchner, deputy director general of the parks district, at an EBRPD board meeting in May. .

At the time of his will, Borel also knew that his request would result in the sale of part of the property, although this was an unusual decision by the Park District, as Kelchner noted. The EBRPD then invested $ 6.9 million in loans and receivables on the property in order to maintain the creditworthiness of the ailing Borel Trust and prevent foreclosure of the property.

The Park District finally received title deed in 2019, after a decade of litigation involving the Trust, allowing them to move forward with the Request for Proposal (RFP) process that would ultimately lead the Board of Trustees district to enter into an agreement of intent. with Trumark Homes in 2020, and to vote on the sale of the northern portion, just over 7 acres, of the Borel property to the developer at the May 11 meeting this year.

Kelchner cited Trumark’s competitive offer, its willingness to provide non-refundable cash deposits to the district at several stages throughout the proposed development project, and its existing relationship with the Town of Danville as some of the reasons why the council recommended going ahead with an agreement with them on the Borel property.

The Parks District accepted a price of $ 31 million for the 7.2-acre portion of the property, with Trumark having the option to purchase up to 7.49 acres for an additional $ 1 million. In addition, Trumark has agreed to assist the Parks District with funding of approximately $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 per year for the long-term maintenance and operation of the parks. Kelchner stressed the importance of deposits, given the need to pay off trust debts and distressed property.

Following the vote on the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) with Trumark, the sale process has entered a 45-day feasibility period until June and is currently in the 18-month eligibility period. , which is scheduled to end in January 2023.

The terms of the agreement called for the Parks District to receive a deposit of $ 100,000 from Trumark upon execution of the PSA, and an additional $ 400,000 at the end of the feasibility period. Trumark is expected to make another deposit of $ 600,000 at the end of the first 180 days of the entitlement this month, and an additional deposit of $ 700,000 at the end of the first year of the entitlement.

“This is a project our legal counsel and others have spent a lot of time on,” said Ayn Wieskamp, ​​trustee of the EBRPD, ahead of the May 11 vote. “There were all kinds of unexpected things. You get a gift and find out, sometimes it’s a gift that continues to give you trouble.”

“We are trying to honor what Mr. Borel wanted for this property, and that is to have a park that will look like Ardenwood, available to a community that has nothing like it, and that will be used for remember the real farming years in this valley, ”added Wieskamp.

Wieskamp brought forward a motion to approve PSA, named after Beverly Lane, the San Ramon Valley Trustee, who was absent that evening, citing Lane’s commitment and enthusiasm for the property’s future farm park. Borel.

“Don’t say no to Beverly,” Wieskamp said. “She knew how important it was and she kept us all informed, but it was her fight.”

The board of directors voted 5-1 to approve the PSA with Trumark Homes, with Ward 3 administrator Dennis Waespi the only one voting against.

The timing was triumphant for much of the board and staff, marking the end of the long process of litigation and negotiation that had preceded it, and offering some assurance that Borel’s vision of an agricultural park on property could finally be on the horizon.

“I’m sure they’re going to remove some of these walnut trees,” said Lee Rosario, who represents Ward 2 on the parks board. “Walnut trees are amazing. Great pieces of art and construction.”

The origin of the Borel walnut trees is a major event in the agricultural history of the San Ramon Valley. According to the San Ramon Valley Museum, Alamo resident Myron Ward Hall first grafted a Persian walnut with the native black walnut. The descendants of this early experience were used to start what would become hundreds of acres of orchards in the region, which continued to expand into the post-war years.

This was around the time the Borel family first entered the local nut farming scene, with Borel’s mother buying the property and tending an orchard early in 1945. .

Armand Borel, the last of the Borel family to care for and supervise the orchard, has died after a life spent caring for the walnut trees and making his mark on the local community, notably as one of the founders of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. .

In addition to rows of unmaintained walnut trees reminiscent of this aspect of Danville’s agricultural past, the Borel property is home to the rescued San Ramon train depot, a water tower, and antique tractors. While Borel, who was 80 at the time of his death in 2009, was unable to tend the trees himself in his later years, the orchard remained productive and he continued to oversee its operations.

Nevertheless, the property was already observed by developers before Borel’s death, as the surroundings became more and more urbanized and the walnut orchard became more and more an anomaly in the region. Although Borel was attached to the property and made clear his wish to retain his legacy as an agricultural park after his death, he reluctantly accepted the prospect of development on part of the property.

“I guess,” Borel told Danville Weekly in 2007, when asked what options for his property could be sold to a builder that year.

While the Parks District’s execution of the PSA with Trumark in May appears to mark the end of its struggle with the property and the start of plans to rehabilitate it, it will still be some time before the agricultural park Borel envisioned does. be established – and before the 158-unit townhouse project planned for the north end of the property comes to fruition.

Shihab said Trumark’s preliminary request has been on hold since December 1 until the developers submit a formal request. Following the preliminary request, she said Trumark had up to six months to file a formal development request, before having to resubmit the preliminary request.

Cougars win Potter tournament title, Grandi is MVP – Lake County Record-Bee Sun, 12 Dec 2021 07:24:29 +0000 POTTER VALLEY >> Sammy Avalos scored 21 points, one of four Upper Lake players in double digits on Saturday night as the Cougars beat the Mendocino Cardinals 63-50 in the boys’ championship game of the Potter Valley tournament . Kyle Grandi (11 points) was named tournament MVP and was joined in the All-Tourney squad by […]]]>

POTTER VALLEY >> Sammy Avalos scored 21 points, one of four Upper Lake players in double digits on Saturday night as the Cougars beat the Mendocino Cardinals 63-50 in the boys’ championship game of the Potter Valley tournament .

Kyle Grandi (11 points) was named tournament MVP and was joined in the All-Tourney squad by teammates Avalos and Kai Young (15 points). Johnny Gonzales added 10 points as Upper Lake tied their season record at 4-4.

The Upper Lake Cougars celebrate their victory over Mendocino on Saturday night at the Potter Valley tournament. (Courtesy photo)

Playing their best game of the season to date, the Cougars combined strong defense with balanced offense to push back the Cardinals (5-4), who held a 31-29 halftime lead.

“I was happy for the kids,” said Upper Lake head coach Miles Hayes. “Winning a match builds confidence, winning a championship builds more success. Now we have to maintain this positivity. ”

Upper Lake did not start off very well. In fact, the Cardinals took a 10-0 lead, prompting Hayes to request a 30-second time-out so the Cougars could refocus.

“I told them, ‘Don’t panic, every team is running, playing defense,’” said Hayes.

Upper Lake responded with an 8-0 run as Avalos hit 3 straight runs – the top two of the Cougars’ 10 treys of the night – and Grandi added a layup to make it 10-8.

“We went from bad shooting, bad shooting to good shooting, good shooting. We went back after that and started playing defense, ”said Hayes. “We played in defense all three games (of the tournament). ”

Playing on the team offense hasn’t been a problem for the Cougars either, who struggled with it at times at the start of the 2021-22 season.

“We looked more consistent than in any game this season,” said Hayes.

Darian Loans Arrow scored his only six points of the game in the fourth quarter, dropping 3 straight points to increase Upper Lake’s lead to 14. The Cougars then froze on the free throw line. One night, after going 13 for 30 from the line in a semifinal victory over Round Valley, Upper Lake went 13 for 19 against the Cardinals.

Hayes said his three captains – Young, Grandi and Blaine Rhodes – made it easy for him to coach as they took charge of the pitch.

“This is what we need,” said Hayes.

Upper Lake has another busy week ahead. The Cougars are on the road Tuesday to face Calistoga in the North Central League II, then open the game Thursday in the Stokes tournament against Elsie Allen of Santa Rosa. The start is given at 1:30 pm at the gymnasium of Kelseyville High.

In the other men’s Saturday tournaments:

West County 52, Middletown 36

Sluggish from the start in Healdsburg, the Middletown Mustangs fell to West Sebastopol County in the consolation championship game of the Redwood Empire Invitational.

“It was quite frustrating,” said Middletown assistant coach Jake Diehl. “We forced shots, we missed a ton of shots.”

West County has gradually moved away from Middletown (5-2). The score was 7-5 after a quarter, 22-15 at halftime and 36-25 at three quarters.

All-Tournament Pick Brody Breeden finished with 11 points, the best of the team, for the Mustangs, who host Fort Bragg in the Championship on Tuesday.

The Middletown men’s and women’s junior teams will both play home championship games on Monday against Lower Lake.

San Rafael 57, Lac Clair 44

At Healdsburg, although icy ground in the first half, especially in the second quarter, the Clear Lake Cardinals fought back in the second half to make it a game before falling to the San Rafael Bulldogs in the game. for seventh place. of the Invitaitonal Redwood Empire.

“We started off slow, but in the second quarter we couldn’t make a basket,” said Clear Lake head coach Mike Damiata. “We are struggling to score. The same thing happened to us throughout the tournament.

San Rafael edged Clear Lake 19-2 in the second quarter to take a 32-12 lead.

Clear Lake regrouped at halftime, reduced San Rafael’s lead and spent most of the fourth quarter at 10-12 points, according to Damiata.

“They could have sent it by post, but they didn’t,” Damiata said of his players.

While it was a tough day for Clear Lake starters outside of Joey Soderquist (12 points), two reserves – Miles Mattina and Greyson Wind – had solid outings.

Mattina scored four points and played solid defense, so much so that he was named to the All-Tournament squad.

“He played very hard. He plays really well on defense with the ball, ”said Damiata. “He’s aggressive.

Wind joined Soderquist in double digits with 11 points.

Clear Lake (3-4) will travel to Willits on Tuesday for their North Central League I opener.

“We’re never going to be a high scoring team, but we have to do a better job,” Damiata said in preparation for the 16-game league season ahead for his Cardinals, the two-league in defense. champions. “We are going to regroup. ”

Former Concordia Portland campus is in limbo as $ 300 million lawsuit advances Sat, 11 Dec 2021 13:03:18 +0000 Your browser does not support the audio element. The future of the former Concordia University campus in northeast Portland is still uncertain nearly two years after the school closed. And the reasons that led to the closure of Oregon’s largest private university are still unclear. A Multnomah County Circuit Court hearing on Friday sought to […]]]>

The future of the former Concordia University campus in northeast Portland is still uncertain nearly two years after the school closed. And the reasons that led to the closure of Oregon’s largest private university are still unclear.

A Multnomah County Circuit Court hearing on Friday sought to provide some clarity. Lawyers on opposite sides of a lawsuit linked to the old university are arguing the fallout from the school’s sudden shutdown. One of the key elements of this – especially for Oregonians – is how this case could affect the future of the now empty 13-acre property.

Last year, a few months after the Portland campus closed to Concordia, the tech company HotChalk sued college and others related to it for over $ 300 million. By running its program online, HotChalk helped boost enrollment at Concordia, allowing the college to become Oregon’s largest private university, before it closed. In his lawsuit, HotChalk claims the former university owes him that nine-figure sum due to illegal breach of contract, fraud and other allegations.

HotChalk isn’t just suing Concordia Portland. He is also suing the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the organization that oversees the Concordia university system, including the old Portland campus; the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, a non-profit financial institution that supports synod organizations through loans and other financial aid; and others, such as the individual members of the Council of Regents of Concordia Portland.

Among his claims, HotChalk claims that the religious beliefs of the Synod of the Lutheran Church of Missouri were a major contributor to the closure of Concordia Portland. At Friday’s hearing, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Eric Dahlin did not directly rule on HotChalk’s claim.

But, Dahlin made a different judgment that might ease the process of selling the old Portland campus.

Court ruling could speed up sale of Concordia Portland property

At the court hearing on Friday, Judge Dahlin overturned a “lis pendens” that HotChalk had filed on the Concordia Portland property. A lis pendens is a notice informing the public that a property is the subject of a pending lawsuit.

The Concordia campus in northeast Portland has remained empty since the university closed last year, and the owner of the property – the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, or LCEF – is working on selling it. But the LCEF said the lis pendens made the sale more difficult, creating a “cloud” over title to the property, according to legal documents. The LCEF also said HotChalk had no direct involvement with the property to justify lis pendens.

“[T]The fact remains that HotChalk is nothing more than a garden-type unsecured creditor of [Concordia Portland] who has never possessed an interest of any kind in the [Portland] properties ”, one reads in a legal document of the LCEF.

Justice Dahlin agreed that HotChalk has no direct connection with the property. And he said that since HotChalk is only asking for a monetary reward, the underlying lawsuit does not involve the Portland campus at all.

“Ultimately it comes down to whether the litigation will impact the property,” Dahlin said. “If there’s only one claim for damages, even though HotChalk wins on that claim, they don’t get any interest in that property. They would get the money… but they wouldn’t get the property itself.

LCEF says it has assets valued at over $ 1.8 billion and therefore would be able to pay HotChalk regardless of the outcome of the sale or whether or not it has an interest in the property. .

The LCEF also argued that removing this lis pendens would actually be the best thing for either party.

“HotChalk ignores the fact that removing the lis pendens notice would actually improve his prospects of recovering any money judgment he might get against the LCEF,” LCEF lawyer Thomas Sand wrote in a court document. “Removing the lis pendens would allow LCEF to sell the property at the highest possible price.”

It is not clear how quickly the LCEF can proceed with the sale of the property now that the lis pendens have been written off.

LCEF spokesman Joe Russo told the OPB ahead of Friday’s hearing that the organization had “spoken with several parties who may be interested in purchasing the property,” but he did not. ‘provided no further information.

HotChalk seeks to link Concordia closure to Synod interference

The next set of rulings before Judge Dahlin has less to do with Portland ownership, but could explain why Oregon’s largest private university closed in February 2020.

HotChalk’s attorneys hoped to convince Dahlin that the interference of the Missouri Synod had contributed to the closure of Concordia Portland. To prove this, HotChalk wants to access internal church communications. But the synod argued on Friday that the company should not have access to around 2,000 emails and other records it considers confidential.

In its legal complaint, HotChalk claims the Missouri Synod and the Concordia university system had opposed Portland campus services for LGBTQ students, including its Gender and Sexuality Resource Center and the Queer Straight group. Alliance. The objection led to interference in the operations of the University of Portland, HotChalk says, including preventing the university from hiring a new president.

Lawyers representing the synod argued on Friday that HotChalk should not have access to internal church communications related to religious doctrine, church governance or employment decisions – including any discussion of presidential candidates at Concordia Portland.

Some of the Synod’s sentiments towards Concordia Portland’s actions regarding its LGBTQ community are already common knowledge.

“A club promoting homosexuality is not possible, under the Constitution and the statutes of the Synod, on a campus of Concordia”, declared the president of the Synod, Matthew Carl Harrison, during a press conference. February 2018 Board of Directors, according to previous OPB reports.

Dahlin did not make a decision Friday on whether to grant the synod’s protection order and prevent HotChalk from accessing internal documents.

Instead, he chooses to pick 25 documents at random from a pool of files to make a more informed decision.

“I would need to see something here to get a better idea… to have more context,” Judge Dahlin said.

Dahlin asks the Synod to challenge this request or produce a list of random documents from which the judge can choose by the end of this year.

A trial date has not yet been set for the case. However, the judge and lawyers have raised the possibility of scheduling it for spring 2023.

How to buy a house in America if you live abroad Fri, 10 Dec 2021 21:30:00 +0000 Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. If you are an international citizen and want to buy a home in the United States anytime soon, start the process early, especially when looking for a mortgage. As a professional real estate agent Nabaraj KC says it, “Think 10 times before you invest any money in […]]]>

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs.

If you are an international citizen and want to buy a home in the United States anytime soon, start the process early, especially when looking for a mortgage. As a professional real estate agent Nabaraj KC says it, “Think 10 times before you invest any money in the house. Look for the features you always wanted, like the neighborhood and surroundings and the age of the property.”

The good news is, you don’t need to be a green card holder or a U.S. citizen. You can buy a home either directly on your behalf or through your business entity, such as an LLC. Foreigners don’t even have to travel here to close the deal. By using a power of attorney, you can authorize someone else to sign the closing document on your behalf and can secure a mortgage by paying 30-40% of the purchase price of the house as a down payment. Although you must obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) either from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or from a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) on the IRS approved list.

Here are some of the key steps needed to move from buying a home in the United States to closing the deal.

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Do your preliminary research

Think carefully about why you are going to buy a house in the United States. Will you be using it as a vacation home? Are you buying it for your kids who are studying at an American university? Or are you just buying this house for investment purposes? Obviously, depending on your goal, you will be looking at different types of houses and be prepared to spend different amounts. Once you’ve identified your goal, you can begin to analyze real estate listings online and in newspapers and other sources. This will give you a fair idea of ​​what is available within your budget. Over time, by observing price changes, you will also be able to identify market trends.

Apply for a mortgage

If you don’t have enough money to buy a home in the US ahead of time, the good news is, you don’t have to worry; you can pay a small amount of 5-20% of the purchase price as a deposit first. And for the remaining amount, you can take out a bank loan called a mortgage. However, to get mortgage loan approval quickly, you will need a strong credit rating and history.

To get an idea of ​​how much a bank will be willing to lend you, get prequalified with a lending bank. After reviewing your financial records, the lender will inform you of the maximum amount for which you are eligible. You should consider obtaining screening assessments from several banks and mortgage companies. Major mortgage lenders in the United States include Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Ally Bank, CitiMortgage, and US.

In addition to these mortgages, you should also find out about options for government guaranteed loans. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are government insured mortgages. If you are unable to pay large down payments, FHA loans are perfect for you because you have to pay as little as 3% of the purchase price as a down payment. Similar to FHA loans, the United States Department of Agriculture offers loans that low-income people can use to buy a house in rural areas, and you can pay off the mortgage to the bank in monthly installments. .

The general rule is that the more installments you pay, the less amounts you have to pay for each. However, if you think you won’t be able to pay the installments for even the longest term of the mortgage, you should consider buying a large house and renting out the extra rooms.

You can also consider freelance work and other career opportunities to earn additional income. While the initial income from alternative sources may be minimal, your income will likely increase as you learn more skills through persistent effort. Stay motivated by recognizing that any additional income from these activities will not only help you pay off your mortgage, but also make you more balanced. Once you have found the best mortgage lender, you can get a prequalification letter from it by paying a nominal fee ranging from $ 40 to $ 50.

Find the right real estate agent

Unlike the practice in many other countries, the seller pays the commission to real estate agents in the United States. Therefore, buyers can use the services of agents for free. These agents have specialist and up-to-date knowledge of local properties and can be very helpful in finding the right property to suit your needs and budget. However, you should also be wary of the fact that realtors receive higher commissions if you pay more for a house.

You can find a good agent through recommendations from friends and family or by visiting sites like You can also start working with multiple agents to compare their service levels. Once you have defined who will be your agent, you will begin to determine which homes meet your criteria.

Visit homes and ready offers

You can now begin to visit various homes identified by your agent. Take notes and photos of each house so you can share them with your friends and family for their opinion.

You should also check the operation of the various devices in each house. For example, run the shower to check the water pressure and how long it takes for it to heat up. Additionally, ask the homeowner to disclose any flaws in the home that they are aware of beforehand. Check the windows. Take notes on the size of the street so that you know if there is enough space available for visitors to park their cars, etc. How far are schools, shopping centers and hospitals? Take the time you need to find the home that meets all of your requirements.

Then consult your agent to find out how much you should offer the seller. It is very rare to meet at the listed price. Negotiate to get the best deal. If the agent has sold homes that are comparable in size to the current location, you can negotiate based on this data. It is important to note here that the bank or mortgage lender will not be willing to lend you more than the market rate or the actual value of the house, and you may have to pay the additional amount as a fee. initial or closing. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you do not accept any unfair value.

After a successful negotiation, you must make an offer by signing a contract. After signing, you and the seller are legally bound to complete the transaction. However, some contracts allow either party to opt out of the agreement.

Get a professional inspection

While you may have already thoroughly inspected the home on your own, you should arrange for a professional home inspection to assess any structural damage. Inspection reports also identify items that need to be repaired to restore them to their original condition or operational form. Inspection reports are given to both the seller and the potential buyer and can cost anywhere from $ 400 to $ 500. This cost is the buyer’s responsibility.

If the report reveals major structural damage, you can cancel your offer without any penalty. Conversely, if the house only needs minor repairs, you can ask the homeowner to do the repairs himself or you can adjust the cost through negotiation. If the owner agrees to make the repairs, finally be sure to inspect that all repairs have been made in accordance with the agreement. Your real estate agent will help you organize the inspection visit under specified conditions. Beware of such a mention in the contract; Otherwise, you might be surprised to find that a seller is no longer willing to abide by their terms.

Get a property appraisal from the bank or mortgage lender

After signing, you can approach the bank or mortgage lender to assess the value of the property without your involvement. However, the lender will charge you for the cost of this assessment, which will likely be $ 500 to $ 600. Lenders will usually add this cost to the closing costs or upfront fees.

You can also explore various mortgage options. Generally, there are two types: fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages. Fixed rate mortgages usually have a period of 10 to 30 years to pay off the loan. The interest rate for this type of mortgage is high, but it remains fixed during the term of office. Fixed rate mortgages are great if you are risk averse and prefer security, stability, and fixed payments for repayment.

Variable rate mortgages charge a variable interest rate that is adjusted within predefined upper and lower limits. Usually, the interest rate on these mortgages is lower. However, make sure that if the interest rate hits the highest cap value, you will be able to make the required payments.

If you are buying a new home without selling a previous one, you should also explore your bridging financing options, in which lenders pay the loan to cover mortgages for both new and old homes, and you can repay the loan by selling your old house. Based on these characteristics, your personal preferences, and your particular situation, you can choose a mortgage that’s right for you.

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Secure property insurance and close the deal

Select an insurance agent and be aware that insurance fees and premiums are paid by lenders and lenders add these fees to closing costs. However, if you prefer, you can pay the insurance costs yourself.

As a final step in the closing, you will need to obtain the services of a property company that guarantees that the seller is the lawful owner of the building, that the property is free from litigation and that there is no pending lawsuits related to the property. . You will then ask the mortgage lender to transfer the money to the ownership company. After making the necessary verifications, the title company will proceed with the sale.

If this all sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be, and it can go quickly and smoothly if you’re prepared. Happy house hunting!

5 Best Pawn Shops in Atlanta, GA Fri, 10 Dec 2021 16:12:37 +0000 Below is a list of the best and major pawn shops in Atlanta. To help you find the best pawn shops located near you in Atlanta, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of valuation points. The best pawn shops in Atlanta: The top rated pawn shops in Atlanta, GA are: TitleBucks […]]]>

Below is a list of the best and major pawn shops in Atlanta. To help you find the best pawn shops located near you in Atlanta, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of valuation points.

The best pawn shops in Atlanta:

The top rated pawn shops in Atlanta, GA are:

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“The receptionist was brilliant and the service was professional. Quick quick service. – Verrico C.

TitleMax Title PawnsOne of the best pawn shops in Atlanta

TitleMax Title Pawns helps many people get the money they need with a title pledge, a title loan, or now in some states, a personal loan. They offer very competitive rates while providing a superior level of customer service. Since 1998, TitleMax has grown to over 1,000 locations spanning 15 states. With over 2,000 employees nationwide, they pride themselves on providing their customers with clarity and confidence. You can rest easy knowing that TitleMax is here to help.


Loans, title loan, title pledge


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Call: (404) 627-2798


“Cynthia was absolutely amazing. Came out quickly. She was friendly and informative. I would definitely recommend someone else to come see her. – JB Williams

What you need to know about co-owning a house Fri, 10 Dec 2021 15:34:29 +0000 Home prices have increased at a staggering rate in 2021, leaving many people wondering whether or not they can afford to own a home on their own. In the third quarter of 2021, home prices in the United States rose 18.05%, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency. As a result, many people, especially the […]]]>

Home prices have increased at a staggering rate in 2021, leaving many people wondering whether or not they can afford to own a home on their own.

In the third quarter of 2021, home prices in the United States rose 18.05%, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency. As a result, many people, especially the younger generations, feel they have been deprived of property, a key part of the American Dream.

If you want to own a home but aren’t sure you can afford to do it on your own, condominium could be a solution. Here’s what you need to know about how it works, along with the pros and cons to consider.

Why condominiums are on the rise

The average age of home buyers hit an all-time high in 2020 at 55, according to the National Association of Realtors. The increasingly unaffordable nature of homeownership has prompted many potential homeowners, especially younger ones, to seek alternative solutions.

“Millennials are a very creative generation,” says Erika Rasure, assistant professor of business and financial services at the University of Maryville. “But when you already have so many of these financial barriers, your options are limited, and so is achieving that American dream.”

Many people who feel dear to own a home have joined friends and family in co-buying a home.

In the first quarter of 2018, 17.4% of all single-family homes were purchased by unmarried coacheteurs, according to ATTOM data solutions. In 2021, this number is estimated at 25%, according to CoBuy, a company that simplifies the process of co-buying a home.

But sailing timeshare with someone you’re not married to can be a little trickier.

How does the co-ownership work?

Co-ownership is when you buy a house with one or more other people, such as a pre-marriage spouse, relatives, or close friends. All of the co-owners will be on the title and probably also on the mortgage.

The group will have to decide how to keep the title. The two options include joint rental and joint rental:

  • Shared rental. With this option, the shares of the property are not divided equally between the owners. Rather, each person’s share of property is equal to the amount of money they invest in the property. Having said that, each person has equal rights to all areas of property. Additionally, each owner chooses who will receive their share of the property upon death, so it will not necessarily go to the other owners. If an owner wants to sell her share of the property, she must get the consent of the other co-owners.
  • Flatsharing. When buying a property with friends or family with this option, each person shares equal ownership of the house, regardless of how much they have invested. However, no one can choose their own beneficiaries in the event of death. Instead, the surviving owners automatically take over the deceased’s share, dividing it again equally. In addition, each owner can sell his share of the house to another person without the approval of the other co-owners.

“One of the main reasons for choosing condominium is to avoid the property going through probate or to protect it from creditors (if an owner dies),” says Jesse Sheldon, Director of Operations and Broker at Gordy Marks Real Estate.
When you consider both, consult a real estate lawyer to help you determine the best path for your group of co-owners. Also note that co-owning a house with parents, other family members, or friends does not mean that all co-owners must live in the house.

Regardless of how you choose to hold title to the home, each mortgage owner will also be responsible for the debt.

What type of loan do you need?

When you buy a property with friends or family, you don’t need a specialized mortgage. Lenders are more concerned about your home ownership plans – whether it’s a primary residence or investment property – and your creditworthiness.

Therefore, it is important to take the time to shop around and compare different loan programs to determine which one is right for you. Consult with a mortgage broker or loan officer to get an idea of ​​the options that are best for you and that best meet your needs.

Keep in mind, however, that there may be limits on the number of people who can qualify for a loan. For example, Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter, an automated underwriting system that lenders can use to conventional and government loans, only supports up to four borrowers. If you want more, you’ll have to go through what’s called manual subscription, which can be a complicated process.

Finally, although having a co-borrower with a higher credit score may make it easier to get approval, the interest rate on the loan will be determined by the lower credit score on the application. So think carefully about who you want to buy a home from.

Examples of co-ownership

If you’re wondering how to buy a home with multiple owners, here are a few examples:

Co-ownership of a house with your friends

Suppose you and two friends all want to own a house, but no one can afford it on their own. As a solution, you decide to buy a property together. By buying a house with a friend or several friends, you will all be living in the house together.

In this scenario, you decide on joint title deed so that you all have the same property, and you all decide to be on the mortgage. You will each have the same property and the same responsibility for paying the mortgage.

If a friend dies, that person’s share is divided equally among the other owners. And if at some point you decide to sell your share in the house and move out, you can sell it to your co-owners or to someone else. Either way, you can do it without permission.

“There are a lot of advantages in a market like Seattle with a high barrier to home ownership,” Sheldon said. “Bringing together a group of friends who earn an average salary will allow you to have a spacious home and enjoy the great appreciation that we are seeing.”

Co-ownership of a house with your parents

In another example, let’s say you want to buy a house but don’t have enough money for a down payment, or your credit score isn’t good enough to qualify on your own. You can ask your parents to participate in the down payment and be a co-borrower on the loan in exchange for a share of the property. However, you alone will occupy the property.

In this case, you can choose the joint rental, where your share and that of your parents are equal to the percentage of the deposit you pay. And while you are both equally responsible for the mortgage, you can choose to make the full payments yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of co-ownership

Depending on your situation, there are both advantages and disadvantages of owning a home with a pre-marriage partner, friends, or relatives. Here’s what to keep in mind before you decide to go this route:

  • Sharing a down payment and mortgage payments can make buying a home more affordable.
  • Getting help with a down payment and mortgage application from a parent can help you get into a home when you can’t do it on your own.
  • You can start building home equity sooner than you can on your own.
  • If all the owners live in the house, you could save even more by sharing utilities, maintenance, repairs, and other expenses.

  • All of the co-owners on the mortgage are also responsible for paying the debt, even if one of them cannot pay their share.
  • The interest rate on the loan will be determined by the borrower with the lowest credit score.
  • Co-borrowers may run into problems if one wants to sell its share, even if it does not require the consent of the others.
  • A death among the co-owners can create a problem if it is a co-ownership and the deceased has chosen an external beneficiary.

Tips for buying a home with multiple owners

If you are planning to buy a home with friends, relatives, or anyone else, it is important to think carefully about the process to make sure it is a good experience for everyone involved.

For starters, only consider this type of arrangement with someone you implicitly trust. You’ll also want to talk about credit scores and finances early on in the process. Because it can be risky to let a co-owner out of the mortgage – leaving them without equal financial responsibility for the debt – some may need to work out. improve that person’s credit before starting the process.

Also, it is a good idea to hire a real estate attorney to help you determine the following:

  • The type of title.
  • How the shares will be divided.
  • How the current financial responsibilities will be distributed.
  • What if an owner cannot shoulder their share of these responsibilities.
  • How the shares will be transferred on the death of a co-owner.
  • What if an owner wants to leave the arrangement.

“There’s always that risk that there’s a debacle, or there’s a change in the financial picture, or what if the market collapses,” Rasure said. “I think the biggest risk is poor planning and not thinking about those human and life experiences that could really destabilize us. The biggest risk is not having important and critical conversations and failing to write agreements that really specifically state in case this or that happens, that’s our plan. “

Audio and eBook Library Loans in 2021 Reveal Unexpected Stars | Libraries Wed, 08 Dec 2021 16:36:00 +0000 UK library users are widely regarded as a traditional bunch when it comes to choosing their next read, but while Richard Osman could top the list of the most borrowed eBooks of the year, the Ellery Adams’ story of a North Carolina bookstore owner distributing bibliotherapy on a freshly baked scone made a surprising entry […]]]>

UK library users are widely regarded as a traditional bunch when it comes to choosing their next read, but while Richard Osman could top the list of the most borrowed eBooks of the year, the Ellery Adams’ story of a North Carolina bookstore owner distributing bibliotherapy on a freshly baked scone made a surprising entry on the list.

Adams’ 2017 title The Secret, Book & Scone Society, in which Miracle Springs bookseller Nora prescribes the “Perfect Novel to Ease A Person’s Deepest Pain”, only for one of her clients. Be Found Murdered, was the UK’s fourth most popular ebook. public libraries in 2021. He was more popular than the winner of Booker Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart, who came in fifth, and Jack Reacher’s latest novel by Lee Child The Sentinel, although he came behind The Thursday Murder Club d ‘Osman, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. The figures come from OverDrive, which provides access to e-books and audiobooks to more than 3,000 libraries across the UK.

Ellery Adams. Photography: Amy Stern / Kensington Publishing

Adams said she was “stunned, humbled and deeply grateful” at the news. “I also want to tell UK readers that in addition to being an admirer of every author on the list, I am a fan of the Oxford comma. I wanted it on the cover. Really, “she said.” And could someone tell me if I should say ‘scone’ like in ‘skone’ or ‘scuns’? Seriously. “

She came up with the idea for her series of books “because I love books placed in libraries and bookstores” and “wanted to write about the healing power of books”.

The Secret Society Book and Scone by Ellery Adams
Photography: Kensington Publishing

“I know it sounds like the word ‘bibliotherapy’, but books save people. All book lovers have practiced bibliotherapy at least once. Have you ever put a book in someone’s hand knowing it would get it out of their head for a few hours? Whether it would make them laugh, solve a problem, or ignite a spark of hope? Did someone give you a title that ended up breaking your heart, releasing a load of stress and sadness? ” she said. “This is how bibliotherapy works. I wanted to trace the path of the good book (s) to find their way to the right reader. Once I figured that out, I added a group of foodie characters, a mystery, and a small town setting.

OverDrive also revealed the most borrowed audiobooks from UK libraries this year – and although the list tops the ever-popular Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s Chamber of Secrets, two mysteries by Canadian author Brenda Chapman occupy two unexpected places in the Top 10, ahead of the titles of Michelle Obama, Kazuo Ishiguro and Marian Keyes. Chapman’s cold mourning, which follows Officer Kala Stonechild’s investigation into the disappearance of a wealthy businessman, takes second place here. Her Butterfly Kills, in which Stonechild, from a First Nations reserve, investigates an apparently related murder and rape, # 8.

Brenda Chapman.
Brenda Chapman. Photograph: Graham Law / Dundurn Group Ltd

“The importance of having Cold Mourning as No 2 and Butterfly Kills No 8 on UK Audiobook Loans took me a while to absorb, but I was both delighted and grateful to know that my books were understood by so many mysteries. Fans. I’m still a bit over the moon, ”Chapman said.

Cold Mourning by Brenda Chapman.
Photograph: Dundurn Group Ltd

Cold Mourning was Chapman’s first attempt in an adult mystery series. “I was working as a senior communications advisor at the Department of Justice on the Indigenous file, and Kala Stonechild came out of all the disturbing and sometimes horrific news I read on a daily basis on Indigenous issues,” she said. “I wanted to create a damaged but heroic and intuitive Indigenous protagonist and show her journey. Since we are also a bilingual and multicultural country, I include characters from many different cultures and nationalities throughout the series.

Her work in government also took her to handling the forced marriage case, which “became the nugget of an idea for the Butterfly Kills mystery,” she said.

“Readers tell me they love to follow the lives of my top cops, especially Kala Stonechild, who was called the first lead Aboriginal detective in a series,” Chapman said. “They especially like Stonechild’s relationship with a teenage girl whom she welcomes while struggling with her own difficult upbringing in foster care. Readers also enjoy trying to solve winding murder plots and reading about the Canadian setting. “

Other popular audiobooks in UK libraries this year include Mythos by Stephen Fry and The Coffinmaker’s Garden by Stuart MacBride.

Top 10 UK public libraries ebooks in 2021

  1. Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club

  2. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

  3. Klara and the sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

  4. The Secret Society Book and Scone by Ellery Adams

  5. Suggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

  6. Lee Child’s Sentry

  7. Ann Cleeves’ darkest evening

  8. Five Total Strangers by Natalie D Richards

  9. The greats of Marian Keyes

  10. Bridgerton Collection, volume 1 by Julia Quinn

Top 10 UK public libraries audiobooks in 2021

  1. Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s Chamber of Secrets

  2. Cold Mourning by Brenda Chapman

  3. A Song for Dark Times by Ian Rankin

  4. Becoming by Michelle Obama

  5. Klara and the sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

  6. The Casket Maker’s Garden by Stuart MacBride

  7. Myth of Stephen Fry

  8. Kill Butterflies by Brenda Chapman

  9. The greats of Marian Keyes

  10. Still life of Val McDermid

* Figures provided by OverDrive.

Should you refinance with the same lender? Tue, 07 Dec 2021 17:15:46 +0000 Our goal is to give you the tools and the confidence you need to improve your finances. While we do receive compensation from our partner lenders, whom we will always identify, all opinions are ours. Credible Operations, Inc. NMLS # 1681276, is referred to herein as “Credible”. There are many financial institutions you can choose […]]]>

Our goal is to give you the tools and the confidence you need to improve your finances. While we do receive compensation from our partner lenders, whom we will always identify, all opinions are ours. Credible Operations, Inc. NMLS # 1681276, is referred to herein as “Credible”.

There are many financial institutions you can choose from when it comes to refinancing a mortgage. But if you were happy with the location that originally funded your loan, you might be wondering if you should refinance with this same lender.

Before making a decision, you will need to understand your own goals and shop around to find the right one for you.

Here’s what to consider if you’re looking to refinance with the same mortgage lender:

Can you refinance with the same lender?

Yes, you can refinance your mortgage with the same bank or lender. According to a report by Black Knight, 28% of all homeowners who refinanced in the first quarter of 2021 stayed with their current mortgage company.

This might be a good option if your lender:

  • Offers low interest rates or closing costs
  • Offers discounts to loyal customers
  • Close Refinance Loans Quickly and Efficiently

Before you embark on this path, you will need to know:

  • Who is your loan manager? Your mortgage lender is the institution that funded your home loan, but it may not be the same company that now processes your payments and manages your account. Since your loan manager may not be the originator of the loans, you need to make sure you are talking to the right company.
  • Do you have to meet a waiting period? Some lenders require borrowers to wait at least six months before refinancing a home loan. So if you’ve recently closed your mortgage and want to refinance with the same lender, you’ll need to ask if it’s possible.
  • Is Your Original Lender Offering What You Need? There are many types of refinance loans, such as interest rate and term refinancing and cash refinancing. Some lenders also offer programs like FHA Streamline Refinances and VA Streamline Refinances. Make sure your original lender can meet your refinancing goals.

Benefits of refinancing with the same lender

Refinancing your mortgage with the same lender has two major advantages: money savings and convenience.

You could save money

Like your original mortgage, refinancing a home loan comes with costs. These closing costs typically range between 2% and 5% of the total loan amount, or about $ 5,000 on average, according to Freddie Mac.

However, your lender might waive or reduce some fees if they already have an appraisal report, title information, and a mortgage insurance policy on your property. You could save money on these costs:

  • Title insurance costs
  • Mortgage Loan Insurance Fee
  • Loan origination fees
  • Home assessment fees

You may be able to negotiate better terms

Since you have an established relationship with your original lender, the company can take additional steps to keep you as a customer. Your lender might be willing to match a lower interest rate or a competitor’s closing quote. This is especially true if you have good credit and a history of on-time mortgage payments.

Also read: 6 ways to negotiate the cost of closing a home

The process could be faster and more convenient

It might be easier to refinance with the same lender since you already have an established relationship. The company has your information on file, including your payment history and financial details, so they might be able to streamline some of the paperwork required when refinancing.

Also, if the bank or credit union you use for your personal finances also underwrites your home loan, it might be more efficient to keep everything under one roof.

Disadvantages of refinancing with the same lender

Sometimes change can be a good thing. Changing your mortgage lender can be a good idea if they can’t close your loan quickly, offer poor customer service, or offer you the lowest rate.

They might have capacity issues

According to the National Property Database ATTOM data solutions, refinancing during the first quarter of 2021 was at its highest for more than 14 years. This means that financial institutions have been busy offering a record number of home loans. If your original lender is popular, you might experience closing delays.

As part of the loan purchase process, you will need to ask your lender if they have the capacity to get another refinance loan and how long it might take. Industry-wide, lenders take an average of 47 days to close refinance loans, according to data from ICE Mortgage Technology – but some are able to turn things around faster.

You might get better customer service elsewhere

Each mortgage lender offers different services. Some financial institutions have an end-to-end digital process that emphasizes efficiency and savings, while others offer physical branches to provide in-person assistance. Additionally, some lenders have higher customer satisfaction ratings.

If you’re unhappy with your original lender or current loan manager, switching lenders might give you a better experience.

You could lose money savings

Shopping around for different lenders is the best way to save money on interest rate and closing costs. Your lender knows the rate you are currently paying and may offer you slightly lower terms. But when you get quotes from multiple lenders, you can use the information to negotiate.

Credible makes it easy to compare different lenders and refinance options. In just a few minutes, you can view personalized prequalified rates from all of our partner lenders. Checking rates with us is free and secure, and it will have no effect on your credit score.

Find out if refinancing is right for you

  • Real rates from several lenders – In 3 minutes, get real prequalified rates without impacting your credit score.
  • Smart technology – We streamline the questions you need to answer and automate the document upload process.
  • End-to-end experience – Complete the entire creation process, from price comparison to closing, all on Credible.

Find my refi rate
Checking rates will not affect your credit

How to negotiate with the lender

You can refinance a mortgage with the same lender, but negotiating the details is important in order to save money. Follow these steps to get the best deal:

  • Get quotes from multiple lenders. Compare the interest rate you will pay with the closing costs and your monthly loan payment. Credible can help.
  • Ask other lenders to offer a better rate. Take the best deal and ask other lenders to offer a better interest rate or closing costs, or both. Your original lender may be more willing to compete for your business if they know you’re shopping.
  • Consider paying discount points. A point of discount is a commission that you can pay in exchange for a lower interest rate. If you know you’ll be staying home long enough to recoup that cost, it might be worth it.
  • Get everything in writing. If a lender offers a better deal, ask them to send it to you in writing.

Keep reading: What to expect when you close a house

About the Author

Kim porter

Kim Porter is an expert in credit, mortgages, student loans and debt management. She has been featured in US News & World Report,, Bankrate, Credit Karma, and more.

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11 essential aspects to consider for successful online video development Thu, 15 Apr 2021 05:40:13 +0000 Online videos are one of the most effective marketing materials a business has. However, creating an online video to attract people takes a bit more skill than just recording something and branding it. A business should consider doing a short video advertisement such as making a mini-movie. Just like a professional production, it needs to […]]]>

Online videos are one of the most effective marketing materials a business has. However, creating an online video to attract people takes a bit more skill than just recording something and branding it.

A business should consider doing a short video advertisement such as making a mini-movie. Just like a professional production, it needs to get a message across and know who its target audience is. A aimless video production will only create something unforgettable, the exact opposite of what a successful video should be. To help, we consulted 11 members of Young Entrepreneurs Council on what they consider to be the most vital aspects of a successful online video creation.

Photos courtesy of individual members.

1. The message

The message of your video is the most crucial. Ask yourself a few questions before you start recording. Who is the video for? Does the listener feel they can relate to the message? What problem are you solving? What’s your call to action? Keep the video simple so the listener leaves with a clear understanding of your message and a way forward. Instead of highlighting your business deliverables (services and products), focus on the transformation listeners will experience as a result of your products or services. – Diego Orjuela, Cables and sensors

2. Authenticity

The value of production has been proven not to be critical to the success of your content. It can be filmed on your iPhone and people will always watch it. Likewise, it can be shot in a high-end studio and edited by a team of professionals, but no one will find it interesting. The same can be said about things like the length of the video (there is an audience for a 40 second play and a one hour interview). My advice is not to overthink it and pretend to be someone else because that won’t get you far. Find your own voice and make sure you add value to the audience. – Solomon Thimothy, OneIMS

3. True knowledge

As someone who has done a lot of video marketing in the past (on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Live), I would make sure I had enough real knowledge about the topic that I would be talking about in the video. The same goes for anyone else who is considering using video marketing. There is nothing worse than watching a video of someone trying to show that they have knowledge in an area, but it really is hype. – Kristin kimberly marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

4. Video length

With so much content available online, people don’t really pay attention. The videos are very entertaining. They often create more engagement than written content and pictures. However, with smartphones and user-created content available everywhere, businesses are struggling to grab attention. One of the most crucial aspects of a successful and engaging video is its length. For businesses promoting a product or service, keeping your video as short as possible is essential. If you create a video for an ad, keep it between 30 seconds and 1.5 minutes. Always keep your video content concise and useful. – Syed balkhi, WPBeginner

5. Audio quality

In a world where everyone has a better camera in their pocket than the professional cameras that existed just 10 years ago, there are few ways to produce high-quality professional videos. One of the areas most overlooked by novices is establishing high quality sound. If possible, use an extension microphone. A low-cost shotgun microphone is ideal for picking up sound from around the room while reducing background noise on the sides. Clip-on lavatory mics can be purchased for smartphones starting at $ 10. Recording audio on a second device and combining it with video later in post-production / editing is also fairly straightforward and mimics the process used in the movie. – Joe beccalori, Interact Marketing

6. Eye-catching titles

To generate organic views for your video, create a catchy title that quickly sums up the value audiences can get from viewing. Avoid click traps because you will end up with a shorter display time when the wrong audience clicks on it. Instead, create titles that describe the content of the video to attract more qualified customers. This way, your video views are more likely to move prospects further down the sales funnel and decision-making process. – Firas Kittaneh, Zoma mattress

7. Editing

You really have to be able to sit down and try to gauge the sentiment of the video. Often times, this requires you to take a step back and take a good break from the video before you watch it again. This way you are not married to what has already been created and therefore committed. Don’t be afraid to abandon a project that smells of trash and return to the drawing board. Take your time to get it right and never forget to step back and imagine how your audience will feel. – Nicole munoz, Nicole Munoz Consulting, Inc.

8. CTA placement

Not everyone will watch your video until the end, which is why it’s important that you don’t leave your call to action (CTA) until the end of your video. Add a call to action in the middle of your online videousers will be most interested in your video during this time, and they will be more likely to take action. – Thomas griffin, OptinMonster

9. Eye-catching visuals

If you want your audience to watch your videos, you need to get their attention. You can do this by using eye-catching visuals. For example, use an eye-catching color at the start of your video so that it stands out among users in their feeds. For product videos, instead of showing a static photo of your product, consider using a 360 degree view to make your video stand out. – David Henzel, LTVPlus

10. Captions

Most video sharing platforms start videos silently. There may be talking head or cool animation, but no sound. This lets the user use their imagination, choose to turn on the soundwhich may not be possible depending on where they are or continue to scroll. Adding captions helps improve engagement, provides better accessibility for deaf or hard of hearing viewers, and compensates for the surroundings, such as an open office or noisy public space. While there are plenty of video editing tools that can help you out, YouTube does offer a free option (be sure to replay!) When uploading videos that will likely be helpful. – Jon clark, Moving Traffic Media, LLC

11. Mobile optimization

If you don’t reach out to mobile users, you are neglecting a large chunk of your audience. With video marketing as popular as it is, if you don’t create content that is optimized for the mobile experience, it is doing your business a disservice. Pick a mobile-friendly thumbnail, keep it concise, and make sure it loads quickly. – Stephanie wells, Formidable shapes

“Panic-gogy”: Teaching Online Classes During the Coronavirus Pandemic Thu, 15 Apr 2021 05:40:13 +0000 Some colleges like Duke, Black-smith, MIT, Georgetown and Grinnel are starting to offer students the option of taking their spring courses successfully / fail under the circumstances. In this age of virtual reality classrooms and AI-enabled automated tutoring programs, why are digital education experts asking teachers to simplify? “Everyone is freaked out,” says Sean Michael […]]]>

Some colleges like Duke, Black-smith, MIT, Georgetown and Grinnel are starting to offer students the option of taking their spring courses successfully / fail under the circumstances.

In this age of virtual reality classrooms and AI-enabled automated tutoring programs, why are digital education experts asking teachers to simplify?

“Everyone is freaked out,” says Sean Michael Morris. He is part of the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado at Denver and leads the Digital Pedagogy Lab, an organization focused on digital learning, technology and social justice.

Sean Michael Morris says that in this unprecedented time, “Recognizing that we are also human, we also have to understand this together is extremely important. The idea of ​​being able to just transfer what you are doing from a classroom to a classroom. environment has its own problems, but trying to do it in the midst of a pandemic is a whole different matter.

Morris and other colleagues have an ironic name for what they are doing right now: “Panic-gogy” (for panic + pedagogy).

On some level, Panicgogy means understanding the practicalities of students. Some only have smartphones. Some have family responsibilities. Some have been sent home and need new housing, new jobs and new health insurance. Teachers may think the easiest option would be to switch to the video chat course, but for all of these practical reasons, “it’s not really realistic to think that students can just show up and start taking lessons.” at the same time every day in an online environment, ”Morris says.

Morris also suggests that professors don’t just rely on the university’s official software, called the Learning Management System, but make themselves accessible in as many ways as possible while maintaining privacy: Facebook , Twitter, email, WhatsApp group. And make sure that the students also have the opportunity to be connected with each other.

He also suggests that professors familiarize themselves as much as possible with all types of help offered by universities and communities: from counseling to emergency loans and other financial aids.

Robin DeRosa is director of the Open Learning and Teaching Collaborative at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. She said, “I think the first thing is that we are not create online courses or convert your face-to-face courses into online learning. Really what we do is try to provide a sense of caring to our students and try to build a community that will be able to work together to meet the learning challenges that we have. “

DeRosa points out that creating a great online course can take a year of development and collaboration between people with different skills.

“So if people think that in three to five days they’re going to revamp their course and build a super amazing online platform, it’s probably unlikely to happen,” she says.

DeRosa suggests that we ask students for their own suggestions on the best ways to stay in touch.

“The idea here is really to help our students feel included in the process of rethinking education for a difficult time.”

DeRosa also suggests that professors integrate COVID-19 into the curriculum.

“Whatever field you teach, I think it’s worth asking how this field is being affected by the public health crisis and what contributions could the field be making right now to help people in their lives. communities. “

While the focus can sometimes be on technology, tools, and logistics, Morris, of the University of Colorado at Denver, says what’s really required of professors right now is compassion.

“The real skill that Panicgogy requires is a kind of critical compassion, if you will, the ability to look at the situation as it really is. Figure out what’s going on, how you can function in it and how you can be compassionate about it. Also.”

Copyright 2020 NPR. To learn more, visit