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DeRozan to miss several games in health protocols originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

DeMar DeRozan will be in league health and safety protocols for at least 10 days or unless he produces two negative tests for COVID-19 within 24 hours, according to a Chicago Bulls spokesperson.

The update followed DeRozan who missed Monday’s victory over the Denver Nuggets after landing in league health and safety protocols hours before the announcement and after taking part in the team’s morning shootout. .

Ahead of Monday’s game, coach Billy Donovan said he was not yet sure whether DeRozan tested positive for the coronavirus, which suggests DeRozan produced an inconclusive test or possibly a false positive. Zach lavine This speculation only intensified when he said he had “crossed his fingers” for DeRozan’s test on Tuesday.

But DeRozan did not travel with the team as he left on Tuesday afternoon for a two-game trip against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday and the Miami Heat on Saturday. DeRozan’s absence will likely last beyond that two-game trip, sources said, unless he unexpectedly produces the two required negative tests within 24 hours.

The Bulls, which are a fully vaccinated team, now have four players landed in league health and safety protocols. Nikola Vučević missed seven games after confirming he tested positive for the coronavirus. Coby White and Javonte Green are currently in quarantine after Donovan said the players tested positive.

Since the Bulls have three players in league health and safety protocols and are currently experiencing some sort of epidemic, this is also impacting their ability to train and perform normal team duties. Donovan has already spoken about the increased testing the Bulls face. And group workouts may require masking in some situations.

Once a player produces two negative tests in a 24 hour period, they must undergo cardiac screening if they initially produced a positive test.

DeRozan ranks fourth in the NBA in scoring and creates the most valuable player speech at the start of the season for his play and leadership. He leads the NBA in the fourth quarter and was one of the main reasons the Bulls are only decimal points behind the Nets atop the Eastern Conference in Brooklyn’s clash with the Dallas. Mavericks Tuesday night.

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