Australian Open 2022 new health protocols


About three months before the end of tennis 2021, it is already time to think about the next season and therefore the Australian Open 2022. The last edition of the Australian Grand Slam was won by Novak Djokovic, who clearly beat Daniil Medvedev in the final despite physical problems.

The Serbian champion gave birth to his fantastic year in Melbourne; a year that could still give him great emotion. Belgrade will have the chance to complete the Grand Slam at the US Open, but they will need to be good at handling all the pressure that a goal of this caliber can bring.

Coming back to the initial postulate of the article, it is easy to understand that the organization of major tournaments must be planned as well as possible and be ahead of its time. The situation compared to the start of 2021 does not appear to have changed in Australia: the vaccination campaign is progressing slowly and the government continues to use the containment tool to extinguish new outbreaks as quickly as possible.

Australian Open 2022: are we heading for a new bubble? It is precisely for this reason that Australian Open director Craig Tiley would consider a biosecurity bubble, or a bubble that would allow athletes to purge the period of isolation by living a situation of “normalcy” and by coming into contact only with others.

people present in the same environment. Players would benefit from more freedom with this system, given that last February they could only move from the hotel room to the courts and leave their rooms five hours a day. Tiley has indeed clarified that quarantine at the hotel is no longer one of the options on the table.

“There is still a long way to go at the start of the tournament, but for now our intention is to create a two-week bubble in which players can move freely between their hotel and the courts,” Tiley explained in the words collected by Sky Sports.

He added: “They will be protected and made safe even from the outside community itself. After these two weeks, they will be able to go out and play the Australian Open with the public in the stands. are working with the government and health authorities to establish the total number of spectators for the “number of people who will be in the stands refers”.

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