“Although Covid is under control, health guidelines must be followed”

Environment Ministry Secretary Dr Anil Jasinghe said that despite the fact that the Covid-19 virus is currently under control in the country, all health measures taken to control the transmission of the virus from person to person should be continued.

The secretary made these remarks by participating in an information session at the premises of the Ministry of the Environment on the procedures to be followed for the prevention of Covid-19.

The government has ordered each establishment to seek the services of a health worker to inform the institution of measures to prevent Covid-19 and the Ministry of the Environment has not specifically requested the services of such an agent. .

Dr Jasinghe, former director general of health services, has taken on the task of raising awareness about measures to curb the spread of Covid.

He expressed the following views:

“The Covid 19 pandemic is currently under control in our country. But in some countries it continues to spread. In New York, for example, patients are still being reported. In the UK, around 100,000 patients are reported daily.

“We have encountered a lot of difficulties in the past because of the Covid-19. You know how the Sri Lankan government, people and institutions have been faced with great difficulties. At the same time, we were able to act in a way that did not harm currency generating institutions such as our Board of Investment as well as exporting institutions. “

“There should be certain criteria for the health sector to advance the country’s economy and social affairs in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone must act accordingly. The country’s various social inequalities must be prevented from infiltrating the Covid-19 pandemic. If social inequalities are included in the virus, the impact of the virus can be doubled. “

“The Omicron virus, which is spreading around the world these days, is now shown to be less virulent than other strains of Covid. At present, there is some control over the Covid-19 pandemic in our country. Even though a number of patients are reported, the reduction in mortality is a good thing. The reason is that the effect of the virus gradually decreases. “

“Such epidemics were reported about a hundred years ago. The Covid-19 virus should stop for a while, but this time it took a long time for the virus to subside. As the virus escalates, different variants start to emerge, such as firecrackers. Although the Covid-19 virus has certain controls, it can be counterattacked. Therefore, all sanitary measures aimed at controlling person-to-person transmission of the virus must be maintained. “

“Therefore, personal distance must be maintained. In addition, wearing face masks, using disinfectant, and washing hands can be used as measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. “

“Therefore, until the Covid -19 pandemic is eradicated from our country as well as the whole world, we will have to use the same countermeasures that were used to prevent it,” Dr Jasinghe said.

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